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Chapter 25: The Watcher Is Always in the Now

And they forgot completely that Japan is such a small country. They have recognized it only now, and for years they have been inventing the train. Now they have recognized - where are we going? - because the country is so small that you can have at the most two stations: one from where the train begins and the other where it stops. So the train is now ready, but the land is not big enough to use it! But one wonders.for years they have been working and they never thought about the fact that four hundred miles in Japan is absurd. Japan consists of two small islands. Where will you be going with such speed?

You are saying, “And then another part screams, ‘But how?’” Urgency naturally creates the question: “How?” If speed is needed, then the technology is needed. “How” means technology.

Meditation is not a by-product of any technology. It does not need any technology.

It does not need any “how.”

It simply needs now.

And in meditation you are not going anywhere. You are simply being here, relaxed, utterly centered in yourself. Everything stops. For this, no “how” is needed.

But because one question leads to another question, urgency creates the question “how,” and then the question comes: “What do I need to do? Do I need to push myself through this wall?”

There is no wall!

These are our unconscious confusions. Somehow we make them appear rational.

One drunkard reached his home one night. His wife was tired - every day a fight in the middle of the night, and the whole neighborhood was complaining. The man was not going to change. So she had given him the keys, saying, “Don’t wake me up and don’t create any noise, because the neighbors are getting very angry. They want to throw us out. So silently open the door and go to your bed.”

He came in the middle of the night, absolutely drunk. His hands were shaking, so he was holding the key, but to put the key in the lock was a problem. He kept missing the target. He said, “This is strange. This has never happened; certainly there must be an earthquake, the whole house is in such trembling state.”

Rather than looking at his own hands, rather than remembering his own drunkenness, the whole earth is having a great earthquake and the house is moving - that’s why the lock is moving.

A policeman was watching him from the street. He laughed. He came and he said, “Can I help you?” The man said, “It would be great of you if you could help me. Just hold the house for a moment so that I can put this key into the lock.”

The policeman said, “It is better that you give me the key and I will open the lock.” There was no need to argue with him that the house is not shaking, that there is no earthquake happening, that it is simply that you are absolutely unconscious.

The man entered the house very cautiously because the wife has said.. And whenever a drunkard comes close to his wife, half of his drunkenness is gone. The wife is such a cure.nothing else works, but the closeness of the wife is enough.

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