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Chapter 3: Devise No Word

People have recognized. When Buddha came to that moment he could recognize immediately, “Yes, this is it.” When Bodhidharma came to that moment he started laughing. He said, “So this is it? This has been there in my childhood. It was destroyed, it was contaminated. Dust was thrown in my eyes and my clarity was lost. Now the eyes are again functioning well and I can see it.”

God is that which is. You are God unaware, fallen asleep.

One thing more about the biblical story.. It says that God expelled Adam. That’s not right. God cannot expel. In that way God is powerless. Where will he expel? Tell me. Where? It is all his garden; wherever you are you are in the garden. From one end to another end it is the Garden of Eden. There is no way to expel. God’s kingdom is infinite. How can he expel you? Where can he expel you to? There is no other place. His is the only world, there is no other world. Adam is not expelled. God cannot expel because there is no place to expel.

Secondly, God cannot expel because Adam is God. Adam is part of God. How can you expel your own part? I cannot expel my hand and I cannot expel my leg. It is not possible. Adam’s expulsion will be a mutilation of God himself. No, he cannot do that; he is not a masochist, he cannot cut himself into parts. God is compassion. Adam is not expelled.

Then what has happened? Adam has fallen asleep. Eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge he has fallen asleep. Now he no more looks at reality, he dreams about it. Now he has his own ideas, he has his own concepts, he has his own visions. Now he has become a fabricator, now he goes on inventing. Rather than seeing that which is, he goes on inventing. He is using that which is, only as a screen to project his language world.

That’s why Bodhidharma says, “Devise no word.” And if you have already devised, undevise them, drop them. This is one of the most fundamental messages of Zen. They call this state in China mo chao - when you are not devising any word. Mo means serene or silent and chao means reflection or awareness. Reflection does not mean what it usually means in English, it does not mean contemplation. It means a mirror-like quality. It exactly, literally means reflection. Mo chao means serene reflection. The lake is silent - no ripples. It reflects perfectly. It is a full moon night and the full moon is reflected in the lake.

And have you seen it? The moon in the reflection is far more beautiful than the moon in the sky. Something is added unto it - the serenity of the lake, the silence of the lake, the coolness of the lake. The mirror-like beauty of the lake is added to it. It is something more. When God reflects in you, in your mo chao, God becomes even more beautiful Something is added.

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