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Chapter 30: Live It, Enjoy It

That reflects, because those.. For example, in India there are five million Hindu monks. Now, these five million Hindu monks are staying in Hindu families, are coming in contact with Hindu children, women, all kinds of people. And they are bound to spread their perversion in every possible way. They will be abusing children for their sexuality.

They have been caught. Just now, three or four days ago, a Christian priest has been imprisoned for one and a half years, because he was abusing small children.

But these seem isolated incidents.

They are not isolated. They don’t come to your notice, that is one thing - because the church wants to repress them, the society wants to repress them, the government wants to repress them. How many homosexual senators do you have?

Got me.!

No information about your senators.

You suspect that they are all.?

I know.

How do you know?

One, personally I know.

You personally know of a homosexual United States Senator?

Yes, yes.

Can you tell us who he is?

Not only homosexual, perhaps he may have AIDS.

Who is the person?