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Chapter 7: A Dry Soul Is Wisest and Best

You can be so drugged.. In the West they use the word stoned. It is very good - you become like a stone. That is the last thing. You are not even a vegetable. You are rocklike, all the possibilities lost. You have come to the last step of the ladder, to the very bottom. Millions of years you have regressed - and that can be done in seconds. And then you become helpless, helpless in a negative way, an imbecile. You behave like an idiot, you don’t know what you are doing. You are not, in fact; you are absent, your presence is lost. Inside now, no center exists. This is the state of moisture: no center. You have become water, no center, and the water is overflowing everywhere - without any direction, without any inner integrity. If in this moment you die, you will not even be aware that you are dead. Whatsoever happens in this moment, you will not know. You are not. This is an absent state of mind. You have fallen down completely, you have reached to the bottom.

This is easy - and souls enjoy it because anything that is easy you enjoy. No effort is needed. You do not have to follow a path, you do not have to do anything on your part. You need not worry, you need not think - you simply drop. In fact, this is what dropping out is. You have dropped out of the whole effort of evolution. You are no more part of a growing existence, you are no more part of the constantly evolving divinity. You have lost all. This state is the worst possible. And this happens not only through intoxicants, this happens through many things. So that, too, has to be remembered. You may not be taking any intoxicant, you may not be on drugs, but there are many subtle drugs - any “trip” can become a drug.

You may just be chanting a mantra continuously; not with awareness, just chanting it. If you chant a mantra continuously without awareness, it becomes alcoholic, it gives you unconsciousness. You will feel very much pleasure, but no bliss. You are falling back. In India, that too has been used for thousands of years, and thousands of people have been chanting mantras continuously. If you go and look at them, you will find them also stoned - through mantra they have become unconscious. Of course, they don’t have any worries, because to have any worries you need awareness. They are happy, but their happiness is like death - stale, stony. Their happiness is not like a flower flowering; their happiness is a stagnant pool, not like a river flowing. They are not moving at all, the whole inner movement has ceased.

I talked to you about two types of movement: one vertical, the other horizontal. They have stopped the horizontal movement, but they have not started the vertical movement. They are simply as if dead, buried alive in their own bodies; their bodies have become graves. You can go and you will find many of them near Tibet, the Himalayas. You will find many people just sitting chanting. Continuous chanting has created such a boredom within them that they have become dull, they have lost all sensitivity. They are not more alive because of it, they are less alive. They can become so dull that they can lie down on a bed of nails - because they have no sensitivity in the body they have shrunken inside. And this is a deeper intoxicant than any alcohol ever invented - because they are the masters of their own alcohol, they can create it inside.

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