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Chapter 16: Session 16

To create anything great in this world is a crime. Man has not changed at all. Socrates he kills, Reich he kills. No change. They condemned Reich as mad and imprisoned him. He died in jail, condemned, reduced to a madman. He had the capacity to rise beyond the clouds, but he was not allowed. America still has to learn to live with people like Socrates, Jesus, Buddha.

This book should be meditated upon by all my sannyasins. I recommend it without any conditions at all.

Third is a book written by Bertrand Russell and Whitehead together. Nobody reads it. The title is Principia Mathematica. Just the name is enough to make people afraid, and the book must be the most difficult in existence. Hence, I worked on that book as much as possible. Anything difficult always allures me. The book is enchanting and challenging, but I will not recommend it to my sannyasins. Avoid it! I went through those thousands of pages and found nothing but mathematics. Unless you are interested in mathematics, particularly higher mathematics.that is another matter. I wanted to include it because it is a masterpiece - of mathematics.

Fourth.is that the number?

“Yes, Osho.”

You will be surprised that my fourth choice is Aristotle’s Poetics. I am a born enemy of Aristotle. I call the man Aristotleitis.a kind of disease, incurable. Devaraj, there is no medicine for it. Asheesh, your migraine is nothing! Thank God you are not suffering from Aristotleitis; that is a real cancer.

Aristotle is thought to be the father of Western philosophy and logic. He certainly is, but only of philosophy and logic, not of the real thing. The real thing comes from Socrates, Pythagoras, Plotinus, Diogenes and Dionysius, but not from Aristotle. But it is strange: he wrote a beautiful book - and this is one of the books not studied by the Aristotelian scholars - Poetics. I had to search for it among his many books. I was just looking to see whether I could find something beautiful in this man too, and when I found Poetics, a book of just a few pages, I was thrilled. The man also had a heart. He had written everything else from his head, but this book was from the heart. Of course it is about the essence of poetry - poetics - and the essence of poetry cannot be anything other than the essence of love. It is the fragrance not of intellect but of intuition. I recommend this book.

Fifth. There are so many books standing before me that it is very hard to choose, but I choose Ross’ Three Pillars of Zen. Many people have written about Zen - including Suzuki, who knew it the most - but Three Pillars of Zen is the most beautiful book written about Zen. Remember my emphasis, about, because Ross has no experience of it. In fact, that makes it even more wonderful: that without any experience, just from studying books and visiting monasteries in Japan, she wrote a masterpiece.

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