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Chapter 29: Belief - Just a Blind Man’s Bluff

The father was in shock. He said, “It is strange: how could you discover it so quickly? I have been traveling around the whole world; I earned thousands of rupees, and respect, and publicity everywhere. He has even been invited by the president of India so the president could listen to the boy’s sermon in the president’s house. And when the president was listening then all the M.P.’s and the ministers and others were bound to be present. The president himself garlanded him and gave him a gold medal. And you are shattering the whole thing.

“I said, “I am shattering the whole thing because I am not concerned with your business, I am concerned with this child’s whole life. He is an intelligent child, more intelligent than average. He has a great future, a destiny of his own. Do you want him just to go on doing ten-minute, thirty-minute and sixty-minute sermons? And do you remember what happens to such children?”

In India so many girls and boys, when they are small, are worshipped. Naturally, hearing from a nine-year-old child such beautiful discourses impresses people. But these children are not going to remain nine years old always. The same sermon when the child is thirty will look idiotic. Who is going to listen?

“Can you tell me where all these children disappear to? Every year you will hear somewhere some child expounding great theories. Then what happens when they grow up? Then nobody bothers about them because what they are saying is not a miracle for a thirty-year-old man to say. It may be a miracle for a six-year-old child, a five-year-old child. Your child will also go the same way.

“But for thirty years, remaining in a kind of zombie state, repeating something which has been taught under hypnosis, is dangerous. It is keeping him addicted to a certain drug. And if for thirty years he has been in that drugged state, he will come out mediocre, stupid. And what do you want to prove through it? Reincarnation? - that this is a proof of reincarnation?”

A nine-year-old child is not capable of understanding or memorizing such long passages. So they say it is from his past life when he was a scholar, a great scholar, and still that memory persists, that memory is revived. This proves reincarnation, they say. So it is a double business: for his sermons he is earning money and for his reincarnation he is earning.

I said, “Go back home” - he was from Ujjain” - and get this child back to normal. Don’t exploit your own child.”

I knew he was not going to do it, although he said, “I will try.”

I said, “I don’t believe that you will try - you have so much invested in the whole thing.” And he did not stop it. I went on inquiring from my friends in Ujjain: the show is going on. To every fair and every religious conference the child is brought. It continues, and he is earning a lot of money.

But you cannot do that in a Christian country, in “Jewish community, in a Mohammedan land, because they have accepted that this kind of thing is absolutely unreal.

As far as I am concerned, reincarnation is a reality. It is my own experience.

But what is truth to me becomes theory to you. That is the difficulty.

And I don’t want my truth to be your theory.

I want it to be a truth for you also.

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