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Chapter 19: Relish the Mystery in the Depths of Your Heart

The whole country was in a state of prostitution, and Parasuram was killing. Such violence cannot be accepted as a quality of God. And it seems illogical.. If his mother was in love with a warrior, he could just have killed him - we can make a few concessions, because he was thought by the Hindus to be an incarnation of God. But to kill all the warriors of the world, not even of this country, does not seem to have any logic behind it. And it was not certain that what the father was saying.. Parasuram should have asked for evidence, for proof. His father may have been just a jealous man.

Now Buddha could not accept Parasuram as a reincarnation of God, and if Parasuram is a reincarnation of God then who will be the reincarnation of the devil? Buddha could not accept Rama as and incarnation of God because Rama killed a sudra, a young man, by pouring hot liquid lead into his ears because he had been listening while hiding behind a tree when a few brahmins were reciting the Vedas. The sudras were not allowed to read; they were not allowed even to listen! What kind of culture has this country created, where one-fourth of the people are not even allowed to listen to its religious scriptures?

And because this young man, just out of curiosity hiding behind a tree, listened.. He could not have understood it though, because it was in Sanskrit, and Sanskrit has never been the language of the people. It has always been the language of the priests - only of the priests. So even if he had listened, he would not have understood anything. And do you think it is a crime? Is it worth destroying a young man, by pouring hot boiling lead into his ears, because he committed a sin by listening to the Vedas? And the man died..

Buddha could not accept Rama, and he could not accept Krishna, a man who was so mad that he collected sixteen thousand women.any woman that he fancied was taken away from her family. She may be a virgin, she may be married, she may have children, she may have a husband, she may have to look after her old father-in-law, her old mother-in-law. Sixteen thousand women were just simply taken away by his soldiers. They were treated as if they were cattle - and I don’t know if he even remembered the names of those sixteen thousand women. But he was powerful, and he had a great army and he was a great king. Buddha could not accept such nonsense, such a corrupted man, as a reincarnation of God.

Buddha was very straightforward. He said, “All the statues, all the temples, all the Vedas are creations of a cunning priesthood to exploit people.” How can he tell his own people that they can attain enlightenment by building monasteries, casting statues, burning incense, scattering flowers, lighting eternal lamps, practicing all six periods of the day and night, walking around stupas, observing fasts and worshipping?

Buddha was against worship, he was against statues. His last words before his death were, “Again I remind you: don’t make statues of me, don’t create temples in my name, don’t start worshipping me because worshipping is not going to lead you anywhere. I have shown you the path of meditation - meditate. And if even in your meditation I appear, don’t hesitate. Immediately cut off my head.” A man who can say this.do you think this sutra can possibly come from him?

Bodhidharma could have simply said, “These are not the words of Buddha.” But he did not say it. That’s where he falls low in my eyes.

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