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Chapter 13: Put Mother Theresa in Jail

This has been the basis of all religions: deny this world. That’s why they are all against me, because I say rejoice in this world - because there is no other world. Rejoice this moment, because the next moment is not certain. Rejoice today, because tomorrow never comes. And if you know how to rejoice this moment, you have the secret, the golden key, the magical key, in your hands.because whenever you will be, you will be in the present; wherever you will be, you will be in the present. And if you know how to open the doors of the present and its blessings, you know the whole secret of life.

I would like India to understand me, but it is almost impossible. For thirty years I have been moving in India like a whirlwind, destroying my health, trying to tell people, “It is you who are responsible for your poverty.” And they were throwing shoes at me, stones at me; I was poisoned twice. Attempts on my life were made.

Still I want that one day they should awake. But there is not much possibility.

I used to believe that you were in contact with each of us in some esoteric, magical way. I thought you knew each of us. I felt comfortable, full of trust. Now everything is confused.
I feel doubt. I don’t know if God exists or not. But I cannot pray to him or believe in his presence like a great father. And you are saying you don’t know our names or who we are. I feel abandoned.
I am afraid that if I leave and don’t hear your words, I am going to miss something. I am afraid I am getting closed instead of open. I feel like a camel lost in the desert. Are you doing other work with us beyond words?

First, now you are in a right situation: confused, abandoned; all your consolations have been taken away - God, the master.. You were feeling great trust because I knew your name and you. Was it trust, or just an ego? And anyway, when you were born had you brought any name with you? You are all nameless. So what is the purpose of me knowing your name? It is a false label. And you were consoled because you thought I know you personally.

It is good that consolation is gone. My knowing you personally is not going to help. What is going to help is, you have to know yourself personally.

It is good that you feel like a camel lost in the desert of Oregon. You may not know that even camels are afraid to enter this desert. Have you seen any camel around? Only junipers are there. Junipers are known as the camels in the world of trees. They are far more capable than any camel.

It is good that you feel you are lost because it opens a new dimension for search. It is good that you feel you are alone, abandoned, because that means you have to go inwards and be acquainted with your own interiority.

You cannot see your father figure in me. I don’t want anybody to see a father figure, a leader, a prophet, a messiah in me, because these are the people who have been keeping you enslaved for centuries. So I am not your father figure, I am not your leader, I am not a prophet. And I do not know you at all.

You yourself don’t know yourself - and you expect me to know you? Don’t I have anything else to do? Why should I know you? And how is it going to help you? The only thing that can help is, you have to know yourself.

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