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Chapter 8: Sincerity in the Search

And logic is a double-edged sword. When you start being too much against, then Moon says, “Look, the same happened to Jesus, the same is happening to me. People are against me. It has always happened to great prophets that people are against them.” By your being against him you are proving that he is important, you are giving him too much significance.

If Jews had not bothered about Jesus, there may not have been any Christianity. I’m not saying that Jesus was wrong or right, I’m simply saying there would not have been any Christianity. But too much against him created a defensive attitude in his followers. They started fighting, arguing.

Be indifferent. If you cannot rejoice then do at least one thing - be indifferent. If you can rejoice, good.

Somebody who is following Moon at least is seeking - maybe seeking in wrong directions, maybe - but still seeking. Better than those people who are not seeking. Rejoice. Moving with a wrong person, but moving. Groping in the dark, far away from the door, but groping. Better than those who are sitting in the dark and not groping at all. Better than Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans, Jainas, Buddhists, who are just sitting silently. Their groping has stopped. They think they have found.

Just by birth you become a Christian. Christianity is not your choice - just an accident by birth. Just by birth you have become a Hindu. It is better at least that somebody is trying to move on his own. There is danger, but the whole life is danger.

It is better to be a follower of Moon, alive, than to be a follower of a dead Christ. And I am not saying that he is right or wrong - he may be wrong - but at least the person has the courage to follow, to choose. If he is wrong, sooner or later his own experience will prove it - that he is wrong. But those people who are simply sitting in the darkness, they will never come to know whether they are wrong or right. The real trouble is with these people.

You have taken it for granted that you are a Christian. How can you be a Christian? There were only a few Christians who followed Jesus alive. They risked their life. The greatest risk was this: that there was no way to decide whether they were following the right person or wrong - that was their greatest risk. Had they been with the old church - if they had remained Jews there was no risk. Things were settled by the tradition. For centuries down, everything was settled, every dogma was settled.

These people started looking for themselves; they were trying to open their eyes. I am not worried whether Jesus was right or wrong, but I say these people are more alive people.

Yes, even with a Muktananda it is good to move. And if you are a sincere seeker, how long can Muktananda or Moon deceive you? How long? Your sincerity is your only protection, nothing else. Go on - one has to grope long, one has to knock on many doors before one comes to the right door. There is no other way.

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