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Chapter 9: The Individual Is Indivisible

For years a guy goes to the pub each day, orders a beer and two pickled onions, which he sticks in his ears. The bartender finally decides to get to the core of the matter, and upon the usual request says, “There are no onions but carrots are available.”

The customer says, “Okay, let’s have the carrots then,” and shoves them in his ears. The bartender, not able to withhold any more, asks, “Why do you put the carrots in your ears?”

Whereupon the customer answers, “Because you don’t have pickled onions.”

Look deep into the problem; never be deceived by appearances, otherwise you will go on asking questions, and there are foolish people in abundance in the world who will go on answering your questions. And those answers will not help you; they may even create more problems. The problem has to be looked into in its nudity, utter nudity.

So let me repeat: everybody has a navel, and everybody has fears, because everybody has been taught - Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan, Jaina, Buddhist - all over the world, the whole past of humanity has been a repressive past, it has been an ugly phenomenon.

And it is good that the past is on its deathbed. I don’t mourn; I rejoice that the past is dying, because with the death of the past a new man can arrive on the earth. A new man who will be able to rejoice; who will not be afraid to live. A new man who will not think of the other world and who will not create paradises in his imagination. All paradises are pornographic.

A person becomes interested in pornography only if he cannot find real people to love. If you cannot find the woman, if you cannot find the man, you become pornographic. Your imagination starts substituting for reality. So, I tell you all heavens and all paradises are pornographic. They have come out of a mind which has not lived, which has not known the beauties of this earth. Now there is only one hope, that after death you will be rewarded.

The fear is there. The first fear is of sex because sex means birth, sex means life. And the second fear is of death because death means the end. And the story is short between the beginning and the end - so short really. One third of your life will be wasted in sleep; the second third will be wasted in your offices, shops, factories, and the remaining third in quarreling, fighting, courts, nagging each other, torturing each other, and doing utterly stupid things.

How many days do you really have to live? Just watch your twenty-four hours - how many minutes, or how many seconds do you really have to live, to celebrate? Where is the time? So you go on postponing: “Tomorrow I will live.” And tomorrow, only death comes! And you have not lived yet, and the opportunity is slipping out of your hands - great fear arises.

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