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Chapter 7: Forgetfulness, the Only Sin

The doctor said, “But Fred, I thought that it was clear to you that you are not a mouse.”

Fred replied, “Doctor, you know I am not a mouse, I know I am not a mouse. But how the hell do I know that the cat knows?”

Nobody can help you from the outside. Yes, you can be convinced, but deep down you will remain the same. You can be silenced through arguments, but arguments cannot change you. You will have to bring all your energies to a single point, to an absolute determination: “This life I am going to make it. I am ready to do whatsoever is required. I will not shirk any responsibility. I will not shrink from any responsibility. I will not find any excuses, rationalizations. I will not be a victim anymore of the old mind.”

Once this determination is total, transformation immediately starts happening. In fact to be totally determined is almost half the journey.

Buddha says:

When a traveler at last comes home
from a far journey,
with what gladness
his family and his friends receive him!

I am creating a family here, a family of friends. The day any of you will burst forth into a flame, the whole family will rejoice. And it is not only that this small commune of sannyasins will rejoice; the whole existence participates in rejoicing. Whenever a man becomes a buddha, the trees, the rivers, the mountains, the stars, all rejoice, because at least one of us has reached home.

And Buddha says:

Even so shall your good deeds
welcome you like friends
and with what rejoicing
when you pass from this life to the next!

And whatsoever you have done to transform yourself - he calls it “the good deed” - that is real virtue. Whatsoever you have done to transform yourself, that is your treasure. And you will be surprised that when you reach to the other shore, the beyond, your treasure will be awaiting you there, to rejoice, to receive, to welcome you.

Either you can collect money, power, prestige - which will be left on this shore - or you can accumulate a totally different kind of treasure: of meditation, of love, of bliss, of understanding, of awareness, of godliness. If you attain to this treasure, you will be surprised: when you reach to the other shore, when you go beyond this body, when death happens to this body, you will be received by all the treasures that you have accumulated. They will all rejoice.