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Chapter 22: Tomorrow Is in the Womb of Today

A man who has known only one wife, a woman who has known only one man, they have to console themselves with statements of Jesus Christ: “Blessed are the poor.” They have to repeat the Bible every day, because it is so illogical that unless you repeat it every day you are bound to forget it.

Jesus says, “Blessed are those who mourn, because they shall be consoled.” Great idea! And I am worried about my people who are already rejoicing. What will be in the future for them? They don’t need any consolation - they have never mourned. Wherever they are - it does not matter, they will rejoice. And as they become more and more disciplined in rejoicing, if they reach paradise by mistake, they will seduce all the saints, will bring some life to those dead people.

Or - which is more probable - if they end up in hell, they will make hell one of my communes! Who is going to prevent them? No saints, no priests, no mahatmas, no pope; you will be totally free - no Bibles, no Gitas, no Korans. You will find all the playboys and all the playgirls. Hell will be paradise immediately. Even the people from paradise will start moving towards hell - “Just once I have to get there!”

I am against any sacrifice. That is cunning exploitation.

You have such a small life, and everybody is asking you to sacrifice it! They use big words, but don’t be deceived by these people.

Rejoice now, because if there is a tomorrow you will be able to rejoice more deeply.

If there is no tomorrow, who cares? We have rejoiced already!

Either way, I am making you victorious, you cannot be defeated. You rejoice before death, and if there is something after death, you will be able - you will know all ways of rejoicing, you will rejoice there. And if there is nothing after death, there is no problem. You have lived your life so intensely, so rejoicingly, so blissfully, there is no need for any more time.

A man of understanding can live the whole eternity in a single moment!

And the fools may live an eternal life, sacrificing for the tomorrow, for the nation, for the religion, for God, for this, for that - and the whole eternity will be lost.

Don’t be deceived. William James is simply saying what has been told, preached all down the centuries. And you can see the result. This mad world is the outcome of millions of people’s lives of sacrifice. They destroyed themselves. They destroyed you too, because if your father is sacrificing for you, he will hate you deep down, because it was for you.

The wife of one of my friends died. This friend had three children, and he was afraid to marry again because stepmothers are not motherly, and what would happen to the three children? That was the argument he was telling everybody, and because he was young, everybody said, “You will be living forty years, perhaps more. Why are you unnecessarily insisting that you don’t want to get married?”

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