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Chapter 7: Learning the Knack

You say, “Osho, yes!” This is the beginning of real sannyas. If you can say yes with totality, with no strings attached to it, with no conditions, with no desire for any reward, if you can simply enjoy saying yes, if it is your dance, your song, then it is prayer. And all prayers reach God - whether God is mentioned or not, whether you believe in God or not. All prayers reach God. To reach him, a prayer has only to be an authentic prayerfulness.

But I would like to tell you that your yes should not only be prayerfulness. It should become your very lifestyle, it should become your flavor, your fragrance. Down the ages, religions have been teaching people life-negation, life-condemnation. Down the ages, religions have been telling you that you are sinners, that your bodies are the houses of sin, that you have to destroy your life in order to praise the Lord, that you have to renounce the world to be able to be accepted by the Lord. This is all holy cow dung, utter nonsense.

Life-affirmation, not life-negation, is religion - because God is life, and there is no other God. God is the green of the trees and the red of the trees and the gold of the trees. Godliness is all over the place. Only godliness is. To deny life means to deny existence, to condemn life means to condemn existence, to renounce life means you are thinking yourself wiser than existence.

Existence has given you this life, this tremendously valuable gift, and you cannot even appreciate it. You cannot welcome it, you cannot feel any gratitude for it. On the contrary, you are complaining and complaining and complaining. Your heart is full of grudges, not gratitude.

But this is what you have been taught by the priests down the ages. Priests have lived on it; this has been their basic strategy to exploit people.

If life is lived in its totality, the priest is not needed at all. If you are already okay as you are, if life is beautiful as it is, what is the need for a priest? What is the need of a mediator between you and existence? You are directly in contact with existence: you are living in existence, breathing in existence, existence is pulsating in you. The priest and all his mumbo jumbo, his religion and scriptures, will be utterly useless. He can be significant only if he can create a rift between you and God. First the rift has to be created, then he can come and can tell you, “Now I am here, I can bridge the rift.” But first the rift has to be there, only then can it be bridged.

And of course, you have to pay for it. When the priest does such great work bridging the rift, you have to pay for it. And in fact deep down, he is not interested in bridging it. He will only pretend that he is bridging it; the rift will remain. In fact he will make it more and more unbridgeable; the more unbridgeable it is, the more important he is. His importance consists in denying life, destroying life, making you renounce it.

I teach you a tremendous total yes to life. I teach you not renunciation but rejoicing. Rejoice! Rejoice! Again and again, I say rejoice! - because in your rejoicing you will come closest to existence.

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