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Chapter 23: Existence Is Very Shy

The whole village was angry, that this idiot.because they thought, “This is idiotic, what he is doing. Worshipping his own wife and calling her ‘mother goddess’.and has stopped going to the temple, and he is the son of a priest!”

But this relationship remained his whole life. So he told the doctors, “She is not only my wife, she is my mother too. And if she cannot understand me, nobody else can understand me. So whenever something like this happens, never do anything against her will - because I will not be listening to you, but whatever she says is going to be right.” And since that day, many times he fell into that trance state. His wife was the authority. No doctor was listened to, no disciple was listened to; whatever Sharda said was agreed upon.

The day he died, the doctors were at a loss what to do. According to them, every symptom of death.but the disciples said, “The mother Sharda has gone to the Ganges to take a bath. Unless she comes, nothing can be decided. Keep your decision suspended.”

As Sharda came, entered the room, she burst out crying. She said, “This is not a trance, he is dead.”

And the people asked, “How can you make the distinction, because he has been exactly like this many times. Even for six days continuously he has been in this state, and this is only twenty or twenty-five minutes and you declare him dead?”

She said, “The very fragrance has changed around him; the aura has disappeared. I used to see an aura around him - it is not there. I cannot smell the fragrance that was always surrounding him.” Without even touching him, she said, “He is gone. You can prepare for the funeral.”

Life has many, many mysteries.

As man has developed more and more his insight into objective reality, he has forgotten completely the inner world - which is far bigger, far more valuable - which is our real home.

Dhyan Sagar, certainly your tide is turning. Don’t stop it, go with it singing and dancing and rejoicing. Not for a single moment think about your past, that you were only “an ordinary sort of a person.” Everybody is an ordinary sort of a person and everybody is carrying the divine potential - it is only a question of discovering it. And sometimes it happens without your discovering it. That’s how it has happened to you.

God has knocked on your doors, although you were not waiting for him.

In India, we call God “the guest.” But the word that we use for guest has a totally different significance, which the word guest does not have. The Hindustani word for guest is atithi. It means someone who comes suddenly, without informing his date, his time, without even informing that he is coming. Tithi means date, day, time. Atithi means one who comes absolutely suddenly, without sending a telegram ahead of himself, “I am coming.”

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