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Chapter 9: Save the Cat

Buddha, Mahavira and Jesus all say, “If you possess, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. Even a camel can pass through the eye of a needle into the gate of heaven,” says Jesus, “but not a rich man.” It is impossible, because when you possess you are constantly fighting with God. When you claim ownership, from whom are you claiming ownership? The whole belongs to the whole; the part cannot claim the whole. The part cannot even claim the part. Every claim is aggression. So those who possess cannot be in deep contact with the divine.

Nonpossessiveness doesn’t mean you should not live in a house. Live in a house, but be thankful to the whole, to the divine. Use it but don’t possess it. If you can use things without any possessiveness you have become a sannyasin.

These followers of Nansen have left the world, but their minds have followed them like shadows. Now they are claiming ownership of a cat. The whole thing is foolish. But mind is foolish. Mind always goes on searching for excuses to fight. If you have a mind you have a potential fighter within you who is always in search of a fight with somebody. Why is the mind always in search of a fight? - because by fighting ego is gathered, becomes stronger. Through fighting you gain ego; if you don’t fight, ego disappears.

Mahavira and Buddha both insisted on nonviolence. The basic reason is not to fight. Once you stop fighting the ego cannot exist. Ego exists in fight; it is a consequence of fight. The more you fight the more ego exists. If you are left alone on the earth, nobody to fight with, will you have an ego? You will not have an ego. The other is needed to create it; the other is a must. Ego is a relationship, it is not in you. Remember, the ego is not in you, it is not located within you. It is always located between you and the other - somewhere in between, where fight exists.

There are two types of relationship: one is of fight, fear, hatred - this creates ego; the other is of love, compassion, sympathy. These are the two types of relationship. Wherever love is, fight ceases, ego drops. This is why you cannot love. It is difficult, because to love means to drop the ego, to drop yourself. Love means not to be.

So look at the strange phenomenon: lovers go on fighting. How can lovers fight? If there is love, fight should drop and the ego will disappear. Your whole being thirsts for love, your whole mind thirsts for ego, so you make a compromise: you love and you fight. The lover becomes an intimate enemy, but the enmity remains. All lovers go on fighting and go on loving. They have made a compromise: in some moments they are loving, then they drop the ego. But the mind feels uneasy, and again the mind starts fighting. So in the morning they are fighting, in the evening they are making love, and the next morning they are fighting again. Then a rhythm of fight and love is created.

True love means the fight has disappeared, the two have become one. Their bodies exist separately but their being has mingled. The boundaries are lost, there is no division. There is no ‘I’ and no ‘thou’; now one exists.

These monks of Nansen have left everything, but the mind is there. It wants to possess, it wants to create a fight, it wants to be egoistic. A cat becomes just an excuse.

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