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Chapter 18: Be ready for Global Transformation

We are peaceful - not to anyone in particular, unaddressed; it is our state, not a relationship. And there is only one living peace possible, that you are peaceful as a state, not as a relationship. The moment you are peaceful in a relationship, it simply means cold war. It simply means a cease fire for the time being,.

I don’t like that kind of peace at all. Then it is better to fight and be alive and be hot. Those people who think they are neighbors to us have not even the courage and humanity to come and see what kind of people are living here. We are their guests; they are our hosts. There is no question of any neighbor-hood. And if the host has no acquaintance with the guest, then only a dead kind of peace can exist. I am against it. Then it is better to have a hot war. At least there is some excitement, some life.

So we will fight till either we prove that we are right, or it is proved that we are wrong. Either way, we are available. If we are right, then we are ready to accept our neighbors totally, but they will have to drop their hostility. If they are right, we don’t have any hostility at all - we will simply merge with them. That I call one existence.

In coexistence, two remain two; they just decide diplomatically that war is unnecessary wastage. And the strange phenomenon is that we have not started it. We came here just to be in this desert, left alone. The nearest neighbor is twenty miles away - what kind of neighbor-ship? We don’t meet. We are so absorbed with our own life and its experiences, its experiments, its adventures, that we are not interested in any kind of stupid relationship with the neighbors. We want to be left alone; that would be enough compassion towards us, just forget us.

We are not creating any problem for you. But the whole of Oregon is full of fear, hatred, hostility - not even bothering to think that a small commune of five thousand people cannot do any harm to such a big majority as the whole state. What harm can we do to them? They can destroy us within seconds; there is no problem, they can make another Hiroshima.

But the most hilarious part is that we are not frightened and they are frightened. One journalist was asking me, “If you and your commune were the majority in Oregon, and Oregonians were a small minority, would not you be frightened?”

I said, “You are stupid. We are not frightened when we are in the minority, why should we be frightened when we are in a majority?” We would love the minority. We would come to the minority. If they have something to share, some experience, we would be available. And we would be in total support for everything because they are a minority; they are strangers to the place, they need all kinds of support. And if they had shown just a little kindness and a little support, there would have been no quarrel, no problem. We have not raised any problem.

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