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Chapter 28: A Synthesis of Love and Awareness

Marga means the path, the way, and deva means the divine - the divine path.

We are just to be a path for the divine to come.just a passage for the divine to come to us, just a door. And the whole effort is not how to travel the path, but how to become the path. The traveler is false. You are not to seek, you are just to wait and give way..


I’m in a relationship but I’m beginning to wonder if I should do some groups.

A relationship is good, but it is not going to help much. It is good but it doesn’t go very far, because the relationship depends on you.

If you go deeper in your being, your relationship will go deeper. If you become more alert, your relationship will become more alert. If compassion arises in you, in your relationship also there will be compassion. But if it is not happening to you, your relationship will remain superficial and it will reflect your misery and your confusion. All that you are, it will reflect. A relationship is a mirror; it simply goes on reflecting you. Whatsoever you bring to it, it simply reflects. That’s why almost all relationships turn into miserable hells.

At the beginning things go smoothly because each person is showing only their pleasant side, but by and by the ugliness appears, and two miserable people together create more than double their misery.

Nothing is wrong in relationships. It is natural, human, good - but nothing is going to happen out of it. So don’t wait in it; let it continue but go on working. Growth groups will be helpful.

It always happens that whenever you are in love, you forget everything, as if everything is solved; nothing is solved. Sooner or later everything will come back, mm? So love is good but it solves nothing. If something is solved within you, then your love will become very very different - it will have a totally different quality.


Anand means bliss and deva means god - god of bliss. Everybody is a god of bliss. You may have forgotten it, but one has to remember it again.

So feel blissful, feel divine.never feel less than a god. Once you start feeling that, you recapture your nature, you reclaim it.


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