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Chapter 12: Life Itself Is a Miracle

A few points can be certainly asserted. One, when the whole world is dying, all your relationships - your mother, your father, your girlfriend, your wife, your husband, your boyfriend, your children - do not mean anything. When the whole world is on the point of disappearing into death, into a black hole, the relationships that you have created in life cannot remain intact. In fact, behind our relationships we are strangers.

It makes one feel afraid, so one never looks into it. Otherwise, even when you are in the crowd, you are alone; even if your name is known to people, does that make any difference? You are still a stranger. And this can be seen.a husband and wife may have lived thirty years, forty years, fifty years together, but the more they live together, the more they become aware that they are strangers.

Before they got married they had the hallucination that perhaps they were made for each other, but as the honeymoon ends, that illusion disappears. And every day they start becoming distant and more distant - pretending that everything is all right, everything is fine, but deep down they know that their strangeness is untouched.

This whole world is full of strangers. And if it was going to disappear the next moment, if it was announced on all the radios and all the televisions, suddenly you would see yourself in your utter nudity - alone.

A small child had gone to the zoo with his father, and they were watching a very ferocious lion in his cage - he was walking up and down. The boy became very much afraid; he was not more than nine. He asked his father, “Dad, if this lion gets out and something happens to you.please just tell me what number bus I have to take to reach home!”

In such a situation he is asking a very relevant question. He cannot conceive that if something happens to his father, something will also happen to him; but in case something happens to his father and he is alive, he needs to know the number of the bus. The father was shocked that he was not concerned about him at all. Whatever happens to him happens - his concern is to know the number of the bus.

The very climate of death suddenly takes away all your masks, suddenly makes you aware that you are alone and all your relationships were deceptions, ways to forget your aloneness - somehow to create a family in which you feel you are not alone.

But death exposes without fail. And this is only about small deaths; if the whole world is going to die, all your relationships will disappear before it. You will die alone, a stranger who has no name, no fame, no respectability, no power - utterly helpless. But in this helplessness people will still behave differently.

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