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Chapter 1: The Mustard Seed

The first saying:

The disciples said to Jesus:
Tell us what the kingdom of heaven is like.
He said to them: It is like a mustard seed - smaller than all seeds, but when it falls on the tilled earth it produces a large tree and becomes shelter for all the birds of heaven.

Human relationships have changed a lot, and have changed for the worse. In all dimensions the deeper relationships have disappeared: the wife is no longer a wife, but just a girlfriend; the husband is no longer a husband, but just a boyfriend. Friendship is good, but cannot be very deep. Marriage is something which happens in depth. It is a commitment to depth, and unless you commit yourself you remain shallow. Unless you commit yourself you never take the jump. You can float on the surface, but the depths are not for you.

Of course, to go into the depths is dangerous; it is bound to be so, because on the surface you are very efficient. On the surface you can work like an automaton; no awareness is needed. But you will have to be more and more alert, the more you penetrate into the depths, because at every moment death is possible. Fear of depth has created shallowness in all relationships. They have become juvenile.

A boyfriend or a girlfriend may be fun, but cannot become a door to the deepest that is hidden in each and everyone. With a girlfriend you can be sexually related, but love cannot grow. Love needs deep roots. Sexuality is possible on the surface, but sexuality is just animal, biological. It can be beautiful if it is part of a deeper love, but if it is not part of a deeper love it is the most ugly thing possible; the ugliest, because then there is no communion: you simply touch each other and separate. Only bodies meet, but not you; not I, not thou. This has happened in all relationships.

But the greatest relationship, between a master and a disciple, has completely disappeared. You will not be able to understand Jesus if you cannot understand the dimension of that relationship which exists between a master and his disciples. It has completely disappeared. The wife is substituted by a girlfriend, the husband is substituted by a boyfriend, but the master, and the relationship that exists between him and his disciples, has completely disappeared. Or, this relationship has been substituted by the very contrary thing that exists between a psychiatrist and his patient.

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