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Chapter 11: Harmony: The Birthplace of Love

So once in a while there have been, in other relationships, people who have felt harmony with each other, but that is extremely rare, accidental and exceptional. But as far as the master and disciple relationship is concerned, it is a basic necessity; without it, there is no relationship. A musical oneness, such a deep love that it consumes your ego. There are not two persons in relationship but only a harmonious whole, an energy field. And once you have experienced it with a master, you can experience it in your other relationships too, because the principle is the same. And if you can experience it in all your relationships, many harmonies around you, your life becomes truly a divine gift, an orchestra. Then the master-discipleship was just the learning of a certain knack; you can use it with your wife, with your husband, with your children, with your parents, with your friends. You can spread it all over the world. You can feel it with the trees, with the stars; it is only a question of knowing the knack.

The secret is how not to be, how to disappear as an ego. Then whatever you touch creates music, whatever you touch becomes gold.

After leaving Rajneeshpuram in November last year, I experienced that it became nearly impossible for me to find out what I was going to do. In the beginning it was a bit frightening, but very soon I saw more and more that just waiting was enough, and many beautiful things started happening to me, without my going for it.
Is this how being with you works?

It is not only the way things happen around me, it is the way of the whole of existence. You just wait, and everything happens at its right moment. Wait and watch. Don’t fall asleep - because in waiting that is very natural, to fall asleep. Nothing to do one falls asleep. Then things will be happening but you will not know. So wait and watch.

Life has been disturbed by the so-called do-gooders who, around the world, are continually preaching, “Do this, do that, do service to the poor.” Doing has been raised so high that we have completely forgotten the art of waiting. And, certainly, there are things which can happen only if you do them. For example, you cannot simply wait and grow rich. There are people who even teach that. One American thinker, Napoleon Hill, has written beautiful books, a master writer. I have always liked one of his books, Think And Grow Rich, although it is absolute nonsense. But he writes well. And there are people who believe that all that you have to do is simply wait; sow the seeds of thinking that a Cadillac car should come into your garage, and just wait. And one day, suddenly a Cadillac car comes, delivered to you. There are people who believe this - that thinking has so much power.

In America there is still a Christian sect. Half a century ago it was very important because a large number of people believed in it. The sect calls itself “Christian Science.” And the science is that you need not do anything, you have just to think. God is the doer. You think, pray, wait; just give time to God. And what do you think, that a Cadillac is a bigger thing than the whole universe. God can create the whole universe and he cannot create a Cadillac car.

I have heard a story that a young man was going to college and was met by an old woman. She asked, “What happened to your father? He is not coming to our Sunday meetings.” They were Christian Scientists.

The boy said, “He is sick.”

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