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Chapter 12: Life Itself Is a Miracle

What happens to human consciousness when the people of the world suddenly realize they are in the midst of an unstoppable, devastating plague that will kill most of the people they know?

It depends on different people. For one who is absolutely conscious, nothing will happen; he will accept it, just as he has accepted everything else. There will be no struggles, no anxieties.

As he can accept his own death, he can accept the death of his planet too. And this acceptance is not in any way a kind of helplessness but on the contrary, just seeing the suchness of things - that everything is born, lives and has to die.

This planet was not here four million years ago; then it was born. Perhaps it has lived its whole life. And anyway, even if the human mind manages to pull through this crisis created by the politicians, the planet cannot live long because the sun is dying. In four thousand years’ time it will have exhausted all its energy; and once the sun dies, this planet cannot remain alive. Our whole life energy comes from the sun.

The man of perfect awareness will simply accept it as a natural phenomenon. Just now, leaves are falling from the trees; the other evening, the wind was blowing strong and the leaves were falling just like rain. But what can you do? This is the law of existence. Everything comes into form and disappears into formlessness. So for the man who is awakened, there will not be any change in his consciousness. For the unawakened man there will be different reactions.

I have heard.a man was dying; he was very old, had lived his life - there was no need to be worried about death. It was getting dark as the sun had set. The man opened his eyes and asked his wife who was sitting by his right side, “Where is my eldest son?”

The wife said, “He is sitting just in front of me on the other side of the bed. Don’t be worried about him; don’t be worried about anything in this moment. Relax and pray.”

But the man said, “And where is my second son?”

The wife said, “He is sitting by the side of your eldest son.” And the old man who was almost on the verge of death started to get up.

The wife said, “What are you doing?”

He said, “I am looking for my third son.” And the wife and the sons all felt how much he loved them. The third son was sitting just near his feet.

He said, “I’m here papa. You relax, we are all here.”

He said, “You are all here, and you want me to relax? Who is tending the shop?”

At the moment of death he is still concerned about the shop.

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