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Chapter 8: The Voice of the Raindrops

“What does he do?” asks Kowalski.

“Well,” explains the storekeeper, “Bruno will make his first call when the moose is five hundred meters away. When the moose hears it, he will be filled with desire and approach to two hundred meters.

“Then Bruno will call again, only this time, he will make it more suggestive. The moose will rush closer, and then Bruno will make his sexiest call. The moose will become inflamed with carnal desire and come to a point just a few meters away.

“And that is the time, my friend, when you shoot!”

“Suppose I miss?” says Kowalski.

“Ah,” sighs the storekeeper, “that would be a catastrophe!”

“But why?” asks Kowalski.

“Well,” replies the storekeeper, “then Bruno gets screwed!”

Now, two minutes of silence.

Close your eyes, be absolutely frozen, contain your energy within yourself.

Now relax.

Okay, come back.