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Chapter 6: Session 6

I hear your giggles. I am afraid my body may not be able to express it. For twenty-five years I have been speaking, and with a wrong pronunciation. Who cares? What matters is the heights from which I am speaking. Why are you in a hurry? You are hurrying to nowhere. Call everyone here.

If there is time to relax.let me relax once in a while. I should check whether you are conscious or not. Never be afraid, even if I die at this moment, because I’ll be dying with all my blessings, all my joy, whether expressed or not.

Devageet seems to be a little shaky, even more than me when I walk. Have you seen me walking? It is so difficult for me, but as far as the heights are concerned, I can fly.

I am such a devil! I have always been a devil!