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Chapter 16: The Final Secret

.and it is possible even now for you to fall from the high estate you have attained. Great ones fall back, even from the threshold, unable to sustain the weight of their responsibility, unable to pass on. Therefore look forward always with awe and trembling to this moment, and be prepared for the battle.

You can go away even from the very threshold of the temple of the divine. Just a knock and the door would have opened, but without knocking you can move away. The nearer you are, the more possibility there is to move away because the more you become, the more “Now I have reached,” the more dangerous. Unless you have reached and become one with the flame, do not be too confident. You can lose it at any moment. Confidence can be dangerous.

It always happens. When you come nearer the goal you feel more tired. You want to rest. Now you know: “The temple is just nearby. I can reach at any moment and there is no difficulty. I can relax a little, I can rest a little.” Then you can lose the very thing that was near. It may go far away.

Relaxing near the goal is dangerous because the moment you relax you can fall back. And when you become aware again, you will find that the temple has disappeared.

When the goal is near, don’t relax your effort. Rather, bring your total energy to it, become totally absorbed in it. This is the moment that the sutra says: .look forward always with awe and trembling to this moment. Don’t relax. There is no relaxation unless you have become one with existence. Before that, no relaxation.