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Chapter 4: Patience Is the Way of Existence

You are sitting in a train and the train is moving; how do you know that the train is moving? Because you cannot see the wheels; the only idea that the train is moving is given to you by the trees and the houses and the stations that are passing by on both sides. They are going in the opposite direction; the faster they are going, the faster you feel your train is moving.

Just for a moment imagine that your train is moving in a place where there is nothing on either side, you cannot see anything that is moving backwards. Will you feel that your train is moving? For example if the train is moving in the sky - no trees, no houses, no stations - you will not be able to feel the movement of the train. This is the reason why we cannot feel the movement of the earth. It is moving faster than any train, but there is nothing against which you can feel its movement.

In the inner journey this is the problem. You are alone. There are no trees, no stations, no houses; it is just like the sky. How can you feel if there is any movement happening or not? One becomes aware of the movement only when one comes to certain definite spaces which are different from those with which he is acquainted. Then suddenly one realizes that one has moved very fast. In fact, even if in many lives you can achieve enlightenment, it is too early. But I am saying you can achieve it now; all that is needed is that you don’t look at things negatively.

Our mind is a very negative phenomenon. Relaxation it will call laziness, deep longing it will call impatience. Always remember mind is negative. It does not know how to say yes. And that is the meaning of trust: saying yes.

You are in a perfectly good situation. Say yes to it, and say yes as deeply and as totally as possible. And any negative thing that mind brings, change it into the positive. It says it is laziness. Tell it, it is not; it is relaxation, it is restfulness. It says it is impatience. Tell it, it is not; it is a great longing, a great passion to realize oneself, to realize one’s treasures - not to die without realizing oneself.

And you are asking, “Does he just need a juicy joke?”

That I can do! Whenever it needs any juicy joke, you bring your donkey to me.

Patrick’s wife lived way out in the country and was taken ill one day, shortly before her child was due. It was quite dark when the doctor arrived and he asked, “Where is the little lady?”

Patrick: “She is over there in the barn where she collapsed.” With Patrick holding the lamp the doctor set about his job.

“Patrick, you are the proud father of a little boy.”

Patrick said, “Doctor, we will have a drink.”

“Just a minute, hold the light a little closer. You are the father of two!”

“We will open a bottle,” said Patrick.

“Wait!” said the doctor. “Hold the light a little closer. You are the father of three.”

“And sure it is going to be a celebration and all,” said Patrick.

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