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Chapter 17: Religion Begins Where Ideas End

If she relaxes there is every possibility that the child will also relax, because the child has learned in all these nine months only one thing, just to be with the mother. If the mother is sad, the child is sad. Now there are ways to find out whether the child is sad or not. If the mother is angry, the child is angry. If the mother is in suffering, anguish, that anguish penetrates to the child too because the child is not yet separate. Everything that vibrates the mother’s being also vibrates the child; there is a synchronicity.

So if the mother relaxes - of course we cannot talk to the child, teach the child to let go. It is so difficult even to tell you to let go - it will be impossible to tell the child. But there is no need. My experience is: if the mother is ready, relaxed, allowing, the child simply falls in tune. He relaxes, feeling that if his mother is relaxed - not in words, I am not saying that he is thinking, I am saying feeling, that the mother is relaxed - that means there is no fear, that means there is no death; he can also relax.

But humanity will have to learn it. Even the birth of the child appears to both the child and the mother something like a calamity.

In creative processes, where something is going to take birth, yes, something is going to be destroyed. And I am all for that destruction which lays the foundation for creativity. I don’t call it destructive, I call it creative destruction.

And many of your so-called creative activities which are known as creative.I want to make it clear to you that they are not creative.

Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt before the second world war came to an end. That letter proved to be the end of the second world war. In that letter he proposed that he could make atomic bombs which could destroy Germany and Japan, and could make Roosevelt’s victory absolutely certain. Albert Einstein was a man of good intentions. But what to do with men of good intentions - they have always been around, and the world goes on becoming worse and worse.

The path to hell is paved with good intentions.

Albert Einstein’s also must be part of the paving on that path. He was not conscious what he was doing. He was a Jew, he had escaped from Adolf Hitler’s Germany. He had learned the whole secret of atomic energy in Adolf Hitler’s scientific labs, and he was going to make the atom bomb for Germany. That would have changed the whole course of history, who knows to what?

We can’t say certainly that it would have been worse, seeing what has happened. Who knows, it may have been better, because nothing great has happened. The world goes on with the same old stupidities, superstitions, uglinesses.

Roosevelt immediately caught hold of Albert Einstein. Politicians, howsoever stupid, are very clever in detecting if, from some place, some destructive energy is available. About creativity they are absolutely blind, color blind. Just as there are color blind people who can’t see certain colors, politicians can’t see creativity. But destruction? - their eyes magnify it.

There is some psychological background to it, because they are all people running after power. Will-to-power is their god, and certainly nothing gives you more of a feeling of power than destruction.

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