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Chapter 6: Strive to No Goals

Hindus have a word, ananda: ecstatic bliss, uncaused bliss, for no reason and for no rhyme. That’s why whenever someone is blissful the world will think he is mad. They will ask, “Why are you so blissful? Why are you laughing?” as if laughing is a crime. And if you say, “I am just laughing. It is so good to laugh.” They cannot understand. For their laughter also, tension is needed - and this is the base of all jokes.

Why do you laugh when a joke is told? What happens within you? What does the joke do? It creates a tension. The story goes on, and you become more and more tense inside, and you cannot imagine what is going to happen. Then suddenly there is a turn, and the happening is such that you never expected that this would happen.

If you can expect it, that means if you know the joke, there will be no laughter. You will simply say the joke falls flat, because tension is not created. When you don’t know the joke, the tension is created; you are waiting, you become watchful - what is going to happen? And then the whole thing turns in such a way that you could not expect. The tension is released, you laugh. That laughter is a caused tension release.

Why does sex give you pleasure? - because it is a tension. You eat, you breathe, energy is created, and life is always giving you more than you need. Life is abundance, life is a luxury, perfect luxury. It is not concerned with your needs, it always gives you more than you need.

That extra energy accumulates in the body - that is what sex energy is. When it accumulates you get a tension in the body. Now the tension arises and then you have to release it. When the tension is released you feel happy, relaxed; you can go to sleep.

But the trick is in the tension. So if you make love too much and the tension is not created, everything goes flat - the joke goes flat, there is no happiness. If you make love too much, you will be fed up with it, because it depends not on love, it depends on a built-up tension.

If you make love an everyday affair the energy is not overflowing. Then after lovemaking, rather than happy you will feel miserable, frustrated. Orgasm cannot happen because orgasm needs more energy than the body needs. It is overflowing, so the whole body throbs in it.

Remember, in repressive societies people enjoyed sex more, because even to meet with one’s own wife was such a difficult thing. It was almost impossible to meet another’s wife - there were so many hurdles to be crossed to meet one’s own wife!

In India you couldn’t see your wife in daylight. Such a big family, a hundred people living together, sleeping together. Sometimes, even with your wife, you had to make arrangements to make love. It was beautiful, beautiful in a way, because tension was so high that there was a peak, and then there was a valley of relaxation.

In the West sex has become absolutely flat. Now nobody enjoys sex in the West - there is too much of it. Before the buildup you throw away the energy. In your whole life this is the way happiness happens: create tension, then relax it.