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Chapter 6: Guilt Is Inverted Revenge

I am not condemning it, I am simply telling you how it happened. And when I say perversion, I don’t mean by it any condemnation. I simply mean going away from the natural course of things. If a boy from fourteen to twenty-five - that is a long period - becomes homosexual, then that becomes a deep-rooted habit in him, so even when he is married his interest is not in women. Religions don’t want men to be interested in women, nor do they want women to be interested in men. And they have made a very detailed strategy, slowly, slowly over thousands of years.

In the present, monasteries create homosexuals, universities create homosexuals, armies create homosexuals. Wherever one sex gathers, sooner or later they start finding ways to release each other’s energies.

So the first thing to remember: I will continue to call it perversion because it is perversion. It is against nature. Nature never produces anything which is useless. Homosexuality is useless; it does not generate anything in you. Neither can it produce children, nor can it give you an orgasmic experience. Have you ever heard of homosexuals having orgasmic experience? All they have is a sexual release. The energy accumulates and becomes a tension - it needs some release. Homosexuals know only ejaculation, they don’t know what they are missing - the orgasm.

So sexual energy runs parallel in two ways. On one hand it produces children, on the other hand it can produce in you a new being. Homosexuality destroys both. And do you want me to call it a natural thing? It is destructive, it is perversion. I can understand that it may be hurting you. But if you have cancer and the doctor says to you, “It is cancer,” it hurts, but it has to be said; otherwise there is no way to operate upon you, to remove the cancer. And homosexuality has become far more dangerous than cancer. Nobody was intentionally moving in that direction, but that’s how things happen - in the unknown, in the darkness.

Homosexuals, because they were perverted, created the disease AIDS. Heterosexuality creates life - life for your children and a divine life for you. Homosexuality is absolutely barren; it does not create anything. Slowly, slowly as it spread.perhaps it has been happening and we were not aware of it. The awareness came just within the last five years, when doctors found that the homosexuals with AIDS lose their resistance against any infection, and their life span is not more than six months to two years.

I was the first in the whole world to make people aware of it. Governments were hiding it, doctors were not wanting to talk about it, scientists were not revealing it to the people. They had their reasons; it looks ugly if the nation has to declare that it has thousands of homosexuals. It is not a glory, it simply means that so many people have become perverted. And because of AIDS, the danger became more.

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