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Chapter 8: Total Acceptance and Non-Division: The Meaning of Tantric Purity

Try to understand this “local” and “general.” Tantra says a sex act is local when only your sex center is involved. It is local; it is a local release. The sex center keeps on accumulating energy. When it is overflowing you have to release it; otherwise it will create tensions, it will create heaviness. You release it, but it is a local release. Your whole body, your whole self is not involved. Non-local, total involvement means that every fiber of the body, every cell of the body, whatsoever you are, is in it. Your whole being has become sexual. Not only your sex center, your whole being has become sexual.

But then you are afraid because then anything is possible. And you do not know what can happen because you have never known the totality. You may do certain things of which you cannot conceive.

Your unconscious will explode. You will become not one animal, but many animals, because you have passed through many lives, through many animal bodies. You may start howling, you may start screaming, you may start roaring like a lion. You do not know.

Anything is possible - that creates fear. You need to be in control so that you never lose yourself in anything. That is why you never know anything. And unless you know, you cannot transcend.

Accept, move deep, go to the very roots. This is Tantra. Tantra stands for deep experiences. Anything experienced can be transcended; anything suppressed can never be transcended.

This much for today.