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Chapter 8: The Center of the Cyclone

No, my people do not know the whole story yet. I am going to tell them. That is one of the purposes of my world trip, so everybody becomes aware of the ugly face of the American government. It is a fascist government. It tried to kill me.

Afraid that if bail was granted and having no chance to win in the trial, they had put a bomb in the room where I was to come back from the court to collect my clothes. But they missed by a little bit: they had no idea at what time I would be coming, and it was a time bomb.

The whole area was empty; everybody knew something was going to happen. Even the person who brought me in said to me, “You sit down, and I will be coming soon with the signature of my boss. Then I can release you.” He locked the door from outside, and even he disappeared. And from everybody’s face, the person who brought me to the jail, the person who said, “I am going to take the signature.” I could see that there was some conspiracy behind it.

But that’s what I say: my trust in existence.They defeated their own conspiracy. They could not manage to keep me there for as long as they had set the time on the bomb. They had to release me, and immediately after my release the bomb was found exactly under my chair.

I am going to tell everybody - not only my people but all the people; not only non-Americans, but Americans too through the news media - that they are living under another fascist regime, under another Adolf Hitler, Ronald Reagan, who is millions of times more powerful than poor old Adolf Hitler.

My whole effort will be to expose America completely. It is not against the American people - I love them, they are beautiful - it is against the bureaucracy and the politicians. They have to be overthrown. They are the most dangerous people in the world today, because they have the greatest power, and I don’t think they have any brains.

I am reminded of a story.

It must have been an American politician whose brain was being operated on - brain surgery. They had taken out his whole brain, and they were working on it in the next room while he was silently sleeping. At that very moment a man came into the room and said, “What are you doing here? Have you not heard? - you have been chosen for president!”

He said, “My God, and I am lying down here!” He stood up, went out of the hospital.

When the surgeons came they could not find him. They said, “What has happened?”

Somebody told them, “He has been chosen for president.”

They said, “But the brain is still here.” They phoned the president, “Please come back and take your brain.”

He said, “As long as I am president I don’t need it!”

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