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Chapter 10: Out of the Mud and the Mire

That’s what meditation is. Meditation is just the contrary to analysis. Meditation means that, seeing that the mind is infinite, there is no need to bother about it - you can get out of it. You are not the mind - why go into it? You can slip out of it. The mind remains in its same place but you are out of it. And once you are out of it, you are the master of your mind. Then you can use it; then you will not be used by it.

This myth of the completely analyzed person is a new dream. Man likes to dream, man likes to invent new ideas to hope for. Sometimes it is moksha, nirvana; sometimes it is money, power, prestige; sometimes it can become the completely analyzed person.

I have many psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and other kinds of therapists here. The greatest number of any profession that has come to me is from therapy. There is a reason for it. Those who have been working in therapy have by and by become aware of one fact - that it keeps you moving in a circle. It does not lead you anywhere, it only pretends. It promises but it never delivers the goods. It is just an infinite circle - one can go on and on and on. It keeps you hoping, waiting, but that’s all. Once you have become aware of it then forget about analysis and try something totally different - that is meditation. Meditation does not mean that you have to think about the mind - you have to drop out of it. Meditation is an escape from the mind. meditation is creating a distance from the mind, meditation is a transcendence.

And once you are standing above the mind, away, aloof, a watcher on the hills, things are totally different. Then those problems are no longer relevant. When you are in them, they are relevant. It is just like having a dream, a nightmare, at night, and being really troubled by it. A lion is following you and you are running and running and the lion is coming closer and closer every moment. You can feel his breath on your back. It is terrible! And you start climbing a tree and the lion starts climbing it with you - because in a dream everything is possible. Your heart is in a turmoil, your whole body is perspiring. And when you reach the top of the tree the lion is also there with you. A scream comes out of you, and because of the scream you become awake. And suddenly you start laughing, although the body is still trembling and your breath is not rhythmic. and your body is perspiring; you can see the beads on your forehead. But now you start laughing. You laugh at the whole thing, the ridiculousness of it - it was just a dream.

What has happened? Just a moment ago you were in it. It was not a dream because you were in it, you were identified with it, you thought it was a reality. The idea that it was real was driving you crazy. Now that you are out of it, aloof, alert, you can see that it was just a dream. Mind is a dream - sometimes very sweet and sometimes very nightmarish. But it is a dream.

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