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Chapter 30: Laughter and Tears - a Cleansing of the Heart

I’m sure there is more to “Yaa-Hoo!” than meets the eye. Are we ready to understand the real meaning of “Yaa-Hoo!?”

Maneesha, no word has a meaning of itself; meanings are given, they are arbitrary. Otherwise every word is just a sound, meaningless. But we can give meaning to any sound, and the sound becomes a word when we give a meaning to it. Sometimes the meaning is very relevant and sometimes it is not relevant. Most of the time it is not relevant - it is arbitrary, useful; utilitarian but not existential.

Hence, languages don’t consist of existential words. For example om has no meaning, it is not part of any alphabet, but it has some existential purpose: it provokes in you the sound of the eternal. It is something similar to the sound of existence itself - not exactly the same, a faraway echo, but still very representative.

In the same way is the word Yaa-Hoo! Hoo is an ancient practice of the Sufis. They have discovered that rather than repeating the mantra “Allah,” “Allah-Hoo” helps you to go deeper into yourself. And somebody found on the way that there is no need even to say “Allah-hoo” - just “Hoo” serves the purpose, because the sound “Hoo” hits at the very center of your being. Just by repeating “Hoo” again and again - you will be surprised - you have left your mind far away, your thoughts have ceased, time has disappeared and you have come into a space which is yours, but you have never been aware of it.

With “Hoo,” I have joined “Yaa” also, because in my feeling “Hoo” works, certainly, but it is serious. It makes you centered, but in your center there is no laughter, no dance. Certainly the flower blossoms, but there is no fragrance. The sound “Yaa” does the work; it makes the word Hoo complete and total. “Yaa-Hoo!” not only hits your center, your very being, it also brings in you a tremendous feeling of joy, a laughter, a dance. It is celebration.

Just repeating Yaa-Hoo! you will be surprised - you are not becoming sad and serious as the saints are supposed to be, but a totally new dimension is opening up: the laughing saint, the dancing god. Yaa-Hoo! is only a representative expression of a laughing and dancing being.

I have chosen Leela, one of my therapists, to create a new meditative therapy. The first part will be Yaa-Hoo! - for three hours, people simply laugh for no reason at all. And whenever their laughter starts dying they again say, “Yaa-Hoo!” and it will come back. Digging for three hours you will be surprised how many layers of dust have gathered upon your being. It will cut them like a sword, in one blow. For seven days continuously, three hours every day.you cannot conceive how much transformation can come to your being.

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