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Chapter 27: Seek and Ye Shall Miss; Relax and Ye Shall Find

In my house, when I was in school.. Of course I had made my house a jungle. That’s what I have been doing all my life. I had planted a madhukamini just in the middle compound, in the inner courtyard of the house. When I went to the university, I knew it.. My father was just like Mukta. And it is strange, they were friends too. He could not understand Mukta’s language, Mukta could not understand his language, but they were great friends. Even going to school I had to tell my mother, my aunts and everybody, “Watch my father and see that he does not start pruning my tree.”

Sometimes I had to take his scissors with me to school. My master said, “What? Now you are bringing such instruments.are you going to kill somebody? - because with garden scissors you could cut somebody’s neck. For what have you brought this? What is the purpose? Just keep it outside, and you remain outside.”

I said, “I have not brought it for any purpose; it is just to protect my poor tree, because when I am in school my father goes on pruning. He seems to be a born Englishman.”

When I went to the university they removed all the trees, but even my father did not dare to touch the madhukamini, because when I left, I told all of them, “You can cut the whole garden if you want, and I know you will, because every day you are harassing me: ‘Here we need one bathroom more - remove your trees. Here we need to extend the kitchen: there are more children in the house, people are getting married, their wives are coming, and more rooms are needed. You have made it a jungle.’“

But I was adamant and said, “No. Once I am gone, it is okay: you can do whatsoever you want.” The day I left I told them, “Remember, everybody, that whatsoever you want to do, do with all the trees, but my madhukamini - nobody touches it. If I come back and find that my madhukamini is missing I will not enter the house again for the rest of my life.” Only with this threat could I save my madhukamini.

But in 1970, when I said, “I will not be coming again,” they cut it down because now there was no point in keeping it; the threat was no longer relevant.

The madhukamini is such a beautiful tree. To sit underneath it and just to feel its flowers falling all over you.and they continue the whole night. When it flowers, it flowers in thousands of flowers.

Bliss also showers exactly like that.

Truth also showers exactly like that.

You just have to be sitting, doing nothing, waiting - not waiting for Godot, just waiting; not for anything in particular but simply waiting, in a state of awaiting, and it happens.

And because it happens, it is perfectly right to call it happiness.