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Chapter 11: Wise, Not Otherwise

It happened that I was expelled from a college. I was expelled from many colleges and many universities. That way it gave me great richness. Nobody has belonged to so many colleges and so many universities. In the city where I was there were twenty colleges; a time came when not a single college was ready to accept me.

I asked those principals, “What is the problem?”

They said, “You are not the problem. Certainly we cannot say you are the problem, because from every other college you have been expelled - not because you are a problem, but because you create such situations that professors start resigning. Nothing can be said against you because you are only asking relevant questions. But because the professors cannot answer them they feel very humiliated. We don’t want our staff to be disturbed.”

Only one college remained, and I thought now it was better not to approach directly but to find some indirect way. So rather than going to the college office, I inquired about the principal - his qualities, what he likes and what he does not like. And from every source I collected knowledge about him: They said, “He is a very religious man. Early in the morning, at four o’clock, he disturbs the whole neighborhood because he is a very big fellow, very fat, and he is a devotee of Mother Kali of Calcutta. He has a big statue in his house, he has made a temple, and when he starts shouting what he calls prayer, he is the only man in the city who can address a meeting of ten thousand people without a microphone. And he becomes so utterly intoxicated by his own words..”

I said, “That will do.” I went to the principal’s house early in the morning at exactly four o’clock. He was in his temple. Just a small cloth was wrapped around him - otherwise he was almost naked - and he was shouting continuously, “Jai Kali! Jai Kali! Jai Kali..” The words mean, “Victory to the Mother-Goddess.”

I was sitting in the corner of his temple and I also started shouting, “Jai Kali!” He looked around, because this was the first time that anybody had joined him. I shouted with all my strength, because I cannot speak without a microphone. But it was an absolute necessity.

He asked me, “Who are you?” I said, “Just a devotee of the Mother Goddess of Calcutta. But I am a small devotee; you are a big devotee. I have just come to sit at your feet, because in this whole city you are the only religious man.”

He said, “You are the only man who has ever understood me. Otherwise all the neighbors are reporting me to the police, and my staff in the college think me a little cuckoo.”

I said, “All those idiots are of no importance. A man of heart and love declares you to be the greatest devotee of Mother Kali. You are the most spiritual man I have ever come across.”

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