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Chapter 13: Health Is a Function of Love

There were no group rituals; that was good.. It doesn’t matter if there’s a leader. The really good things that happened, nobody planned.and I feel fine.

Good, good. Whatsoever I have said has been said to Satprem, not to the group. The group needs the leader, but the leader needs that he should not be a leader. If you understand that you don’t need a leader, then everything will be topsy-turvy; then the group won’t function at all. You follow me?

It is not for you, it is for the leader, that he should not be a leader. He should just be a very indirect presence, just like a shadow moving on the periphery, not interfering: just keeping a watch on what is going on. He has to watch that something does not go wrong. His work is negative.

For example, somebody may start to murder someone - and you have violence in you; if everything is allowed, why not murder? If one has to be spontaneous then a murder can be spontaneous too. Then the function of the group leader comes in. These are things which should not happen, but there is no “should” for anything positive. And there is nothing which has to happen. The leader is not to force something on the group, but he has to watch that the group should not go mad. The possibility is there if you are left alone. By and by you slip, because you have never been left alone, and you don’t know what freedom is.

Whenever you hear the word freedom then you immediately think of license. Freedom is not license; it has an inner discipline of its own. Only people who are tremendously disciplined can enjoy freedom, nobody else. If somebody rapes someone spontaneously, then what is going to happen? It may be spontaneous for the person who is trying the rape, but for the person on whom it is being forced? .The leader comes in.

So he remains like a shadow on the periphery, watching. Anything that can be destructive to any individual should not be allowed, but all creativity is allowed. If everything moves into the positive dimension he is not to interfere, not to plan at all, but just to help you.

So whatsoever I have said to Satprem is said to the leaders of the groups, not to the participants. So you need not say that the leader is not needed, or whether the leader is there or not is irrelevant; to you it is very relevant. You follow me? It is very relevant - and without a leader the group won’t exist; it will not be possible for you. He is the link between you all, he functions as a bridge between you. You are all strangers to each other, but he creates a situation in which a bridge exists and you become a family. He is not to interfere, that’s all; he is to help. That’s why I say he is a midwife. The midwife is to help the child to come out of the womb, not to force it.

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