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Chapter 2: Happy for No Reason

This is what goes on happening to each mind - you long for something, it will happen, but by the time it happens you will see that you are still discontent. Something else is creating the misery now.

This is something to be understood - that if your desire is not fulfilled, you are frustrated; if it is fulfilled, then too you are not fulfilled. That is the misery of desire. Fulfilled, you are not fulfilled. Suddenly many new things arise.

You had never thought that when you will be a king, and horse-men will be in front of you and at the back of you, and a golden parasol will be over your head, the sun can be so hot that it can scorch your face. You had never thought about it. Then you dreamed of becoming a sun, and you become a sun, and you had never thought about the cloud. Now the cloud is there - and proving you impotent.

And this goes on and on and on, like waves in the ocean.non-ending - unless you understand and simply jump out of the wheel.

Life is here, life is now. God is here and God is now. If you are searching him in your daydreams, your search is in vain, because “God” is nothing but deep contentment.

The mind that goes on telling you, “Do this, be that. Possess this, possess that.otherwise how can you be happy if you don’t have this? You have to have a palace, then you can be happy..” If your happiness has a condition to it, you will remain unhappy. If you cannot be happy just as you are - a stone-cutter.I know hard is the labor, wages are poor, life is a struggle, I know - but if you cannot be happy as you are, in spite of it all; if you cannot be happy, you are not going to be happy ever.

Unless a man is happy, simply happy, for no reason at all, unless a man is mad enough to be happy without any reason, a man is not going to be happy ever. You will always find something destroying your happiness. You will always find something missing, something absent. And that missing will become your daydream again.

And you cannot achieve a state where everything, everything is available. Even if it is possible, then too you will not be happy. Just look at the mechanism of the mind: if everything is available as you want it, suddenly you will feel bored. Now what to do?

I have heard this - and I think it is reliable - that people who have reached heaven are bored - it is from very reliable sources, you can depend on it - they are sitting under their kalpatarus, the wish-fulfilling trees, and they are bored. Because the moment they say something, the angel appears, and immediately he fulfills their desire. There is no gap between their desire and their fulfillment. They want a beautiful woman, a Cleopatra, and she is there. Now what to do with such a Cleopatra? It is pointless - and they get bored.

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