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Chapter 9: The Discipline beyond Discipline

That has been a problem - why did he create man in the end? First he created trees and the earth and the sky and the stars and the animals and the birds and the whole - then he waited and waited. Then he created man. And first he created man, then he created woman. Because man, just out of politeness, may have kept quiet, but a woman cannot keep quiet. He must have been afraid. Don’t create man otherwise he will start giving advice - do this, don’t do that. And for woman he waited last. And since he created woman he has disappeared - otherwise the woman would have nagged him to death.

One great industrialist was saying to me that for his new factory everything has been planned, agreed upon. The engineers, the architects, the planners, they have done everything and everything has been agreed. But then I asked, “Why do you repeat again and again that everything has been agreed? Has something gone wrong?”

He said, “Then I came home and talked about it to my wife - finished. Now she is suggesting things which will alter the whole idea. And if I don’t do it now, then it will be a constant problem for my whole life. She will nag me to death.”

If Aristotle was asked to create the world, or help the world to be created, then the world would have been absolutely consistent - absolutely consistent. But then it would have been a world of misery and hell. Life is beautiful because there are contradictions. Work is beautiful because there is play. Work means you are doing something to get something out of it. Play means you are simply doing it for its own sake.

No, Aristotle won’t allow it. Plato won’t allow it. In his Republic, Plato says there will be no possibility for any poets; we won’t allow them. They are dangerous people, they bring contradiction in the world - poets, they are dreamers. And they talk in such ways which are vague, ambiguous. You cannot make anything out of it - what they are saying, what they mean. In Plato’s world, in his Republic, logicians, philosophers will be the kings; they will decide.

It has not yet happened, only a few things like that have happened. For example, Soviet Russia is more Platonic, China is more Platonic. These two countries are run by logic. You cannot find more miserable people anywhere else. Well-fed well-sheltered - because logic is a great arranger of things; everything has been arranged - only life is missing. Somehow man is not happy, because man cannot live by bread alone. You need the opposite also. The whole day you work, in the night you rest. You need darkness also.

A doctrine is a logical statement of a theory, and logic is like a chameleon - it goes on changing its color, it is not reliable. It is not reliable because it is not based in reality. It is not responsible because it is not based in reality. It is untrue because it is a partial truth. Remember, a partial truth is more untrue than a total untruth. Because a partial truth gives a feeling of being true. It is only half-true and nothing can be half-true. Either it is true or it is not true. A half-truth is absolutely untrue, but logic gives it a feeling that it is true; at least on the way towards truth. It is not even on the way towards truth.

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