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Chapter 15: One Coin, Two Sides

When I first came to you and looked into your eyes, I saw myself. After some years, looking into your eyes I felt myself inside my body, each cell of my body and that “something else” inside dancing with aliveness. Last night I looked in your eyes and I saw. There was no one there. What a relief. Oh Osho, I am so glad you are not there. Can you say something about this, and this mysterious relief that there is no “thou” in my master?

The eyes are the doors of human consciousness. They are the most unphysical part of the physical body. That’s why a blind man gets more sympathy and compassion than somebody who has no legs, somebody who is dumb or deaf. They are also missing a certain sensitivity, but they don’t get the same sympathy as a blind man. And the reason is that eyes are the very windows of your soul.

People don’t look into each other’s eyes. The average time psychologists have decided that is allowed, is three seconds. To look more than that is thought to be offensive. It has to be understood why looking more than that is offensive: Because you are trespassing the individual’s privacy, his very consciousness.

Only lovers can look into each other’s eyes without offending each other. But lovers’ eyes don’t have much depth, because their love is nothing but lust; it is a biological urge, very superficial. It does not need your consciousness. In fact, the more unconscious you are, the more you are in the grip of biology.

But to look in the eyes of the master is a totally different phenomenon. There is no question of any biology, any physiology, because the very existence of the relationship between the master and the disciple is not part of biological programming. It is the only relationship that is not of this world. Naturally, the eyes of the master will give you many, many experiences at different stages of your growth.

You are saying: “When I first came to you and looked into your eyes, I saw myself.” You were so full of ego. My eyes became just mirrors; you could only see the reflection of your own ego. You were too much concerned about yourself, about your own growth, about your own spirituality, about your own enlightenment. You had come to me, not for me, but for yourself. Naturally, my eyes reflected the state and the space you were in.

“After some years, looking into your eyes I felt myself inside my body, each cell of my body and that ‘something else’ inside dancing with aliveness.” You had moved a little closer to me. Your ego was not so prominent. On the contrary.something else, something unknown, dancing with aliveness was felt.

Your meditation has deepened, and this something else is your consciousness, for which there is no name. The aliveness and the dance and the joy indicate that now your mind is no longer reflected, but your no-mind. Your ego is no longer reflected, but your egolessness. But still you are reflected. So you have come closer to me, but not very close.

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