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Chapter 29: Truth: Not a Highway but a Hill Track

I call this state of affairs religio, the root from where the word religion comes. Religio is individual; religion is organized. And the moment you organize the truth, it dies. There are things, values, which cannot be organized at all. They are so delicate that organization is impossible.

And you are asking me: “God is dead, religion is dead; then what is left?”

In fact, because God is not there - which was a fiction covering your eyes; and organized religion is dead - which was sheer stupidity, ignorance - therefore nothing is lost, everything is gained. You have simply lost layers of fictions from your eyes. Now you can see the real existence as it is. Everything that is becomes available to you - it was not available to you before because of your lies and fictions and beliefs. So nothing is lost and everything is gained. The whole existence, all its beauty, its tremendous benediction, its infinite bliss - all is available. You had just put thick layers on your eyes which were making you blind.

You have lost your blindness and you have gained your insight: this is a good bargain!

We dropped red clothes, malas, temples, gachchhamis, worship. Did we forget something - like dropping our egos?

Just look how easily you can drop red clothes, how easily you can drop your malas, how easily you can drop gachchhamis, because you were never authentically and sincerely in love with them. You pretended, you were hypocrites.

You had pretended you loved your mala, but the moment you found the chance to drop it, you dropped it immediately. And you must be thinking you dropped it because I have said so. But I have been telling you for years continuously to drop the ego - that you don’t drop.

Strange.I said only one day, “Drop the malas,” and you were so happy and so clapping, rejoicing. But when I say, “Drop the ego,” you don’t clap. You know that you are not going to drop it. Ego seems to you to be very precious, and ego is nothing but poison. The mala cannot harm you, red clothes cannot harm you. But the ego is constantly harming you.

The ego means your ambition to be superior to others, to be higher than others, to be bigger than you really are; in every field to be more important, to be somebody who has power over people either through politics or through money. All these are different dimensions of your ego. And if you go on fulfilling these desires you can never come to a state of contentment, fulfillment, because the ego is just like the horizon. It looks so close - as if you just have to walk a little more and you will reach it. But by the time you have reached there, the horizon has also moved away.

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