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Chapter 15: I Am Not a Prophet


You do?


Why would you disagree?

Because we are not a cult. Christianity is a cult, Mohammedanism is a cult, Hinduism is a cult. You have to understand my idea about cults. When the master is alive, it is religion; when the master is dead, then it is only a corpse. And that corpse becomes the cult. With Jesus, Christianity was a religion. Jesus gone, now it is just a dead weight over humanity. For two thousand years we have been carrying a corpse. I am still alive, that’s why I say this is religion, not a cult. And I tell my people: the moment I am gone, please disperse. Don’t keep any church behind me. We don’t want any popes, and we don’t want any Vatican, and we don’t want any dead thing to be carried by the coming generations.

I don’t see that happening, to be quite honest. I don’t see your adherents here ( your disciples, followers, fellows in your community ( I can’t see them just dispersing like that, the day after.

That’s up to them; I cannot force them, I can simply say. I never force anything.

So your final wishes will be disobeyed, then?

Yes, if they want to disobey me, they are absolutely free. That’s the difference: I am not a prophet, or a messiah, or a messenger of God. My word is not the authority. They have to think over it and decide on their own and take the responsibility. But nobody can throw the responsibility on me.

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