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Chapter 5: Join the Carnival of Love

Remember, repression is not a way towards freedom. Repression is worse than expression, because through expression a person is bound to become free one day or other. But through repression, one always remains obsessed. Only life gives you freedom. A lived life gives you freedom, an unlived life remains very attractive, and the mind goes on roaming around whatsoever you have repressed.

Smulovitz, aged eighty-three and widowed, refused to be placed in just any Miami Beach old age home. “I won’t eat anything,” he declared to his son, “unless it is strictly kosher.”

The son searched for weeks and weeks and finally found a place that served meals in accordance with the Jewish dietary laws. He placed his old father in the home, secure in the knowledge that his father would be eating only kosher food.

Three days later he came for a visit and learned that the old man had left and checked into the Fontainbleau Hotel. The boy rushed over to the hotel, got a key, went upstairs, opened the door, and there was his father in bed with a blonde. They were both stark naked.

“Poppa, how could you?” asked the bewildered boy.

“But look,” said the old man, “I’m not eating.”

People who live through rituals out of fear may avoid one thing, but they will fall into another - because the understanding is not their own. It is just fear oriented. It is hell they are afraid of. A real religion gives you fearlessness: let that be the criterion. If religion gives you fear, then it is not really religion.

The third type of religion is out of greed. It is a “do” religion. Just as the fear oriented is a “don’t” religion, the greed oriented is a “do” religion: do this. And just as the fear oriented religion has the key word hell, the religion of greed has the key word heaven. Everything is to be done in such a way that the world - the other world - is completely secure and your happiness beyond death is guaranteed. “Do” religion or greed religion is formal, ritualistic, ambitious, desire oriented. It is full of desires.

See the Mohammedan concept of paradise, or the Christian concept of paradise, or the Hindu concept of paradise. Degrees may be different, but this is a very strange thing: all that these people say one has to deny oneself in this life, they go on providing in heaven in great quantities. You are to be celibate here just to achieve heaven where beautiful apsaras, always young, stuck at the age of sixteen, are available. Mohammedans say, “Don’t take any alcoholic beverage. But in heaven, rivers of wine! No need to be worried.” But this seems to be absurd.

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