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Chapter 8: You Are Without Stain

And he said he is against me because I am destroying religion. I am giving birth to a new religion. And religion always needs to be renewed. Religion always needs new energies to be poured into it to keep it alive and flowing. Religion always needs to be born again and again according to the time and the circumstances.

What was right five thousand years ago is no longer right at all today. And what was moral in the past has become immoral today. For example, in Krishna’s time, war was a moral phenomenon because in Krishna’s time there were no atom bombs and hydrogen bombs. Now war is immoral, now war means total war, now war means universal suicide. The new religion cannot teach war, it can only teach love.

All the old religions were fundamentally based on the split person. The new religion has to create a new man: “Homo novus.” I declare a new man. I teach a new man. And the new man will be one, whole. The new man will not be divided into body and soul, into lower and higher. The new man will not know any divisions of any sort; the new man will live an integrated life.

All the old religions created an anti-life atmosphere on the earth. That’s why life has become so ugly, miserable and full of suffering. The new religion will not be anti-life, it will be all for life. It will have tremendous reverence for life. For the new religion, life will be synonymous with godliness. In the old religions godliness was against life; you had to renounce life to attain to godliness. I teach rejoicing, not renunciation.

So I can understand what he means by saying that I am trying to destroy religion. Certainly, I am trying to destroy the old concept of religion - it has to be destroyed. If man wants to live at all, if man wants to be blissful at all, the old structure has to be destroyed. Only with the death of the old can the new be born.

But he is a traditionalist, orthodox. He can only think in terms of the past. He has no idea that we are living in the twentieth century. He is not a contemporary man at all; he belongs to some past century, which no longer exists. But in India such people can become powerful because the greater masses also live in the past, they are not contemporary either.

This is a very ironic situation, because the masses can be helped only by a new vision, only a new vision can inspire them to new heights. But they are all against the new vision. They are all for the old vision, and the old vision has no relevance at all. He is against all that is revolutionary and rebellious. He represents the rotten, stupid mind of this country. He is very representative. But he has to go if this country is to live.

And all people of his type have to go if this country is to attain to some new heights of joy, blissfulness. This country has lived under the shadow of anti-life attitudes for so long that it has forgotten how to dance, how to sing, how to love, how to live. This country is simply vegetating!

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