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Chapter 9: Into the Fantastic

19.Through sanyama the image occupying
Another’s mind can be known.

20. But perception through sanyama
Does not bring knowledge of the mental factors
that support the image in another’s mind
For that is not the object of sanyama.

21. By performing sanyama on the form of the body
To suspend receptive power,
the contact between the eye of an observer
And the light from the body is broken,
and the body becomes invisible.

22.This principle also explains
the disappearance of sound.

“I am beginning to lose faith in my ability,” said the young salesman to his friend. “Today has been terrible, and not one sale. I have been thrown out of apartments, had doors slammed in my face, been kicked down staircases, had my samples thrown in the gutter, and been shot at by irate householders.”

His friend said. “What is your line?”

“Bibles,” said the young salesman.

Why has religion become a dirty word? Why are people full of hatred the moment you mention the word religion, God, or something like that? Why has the whole of humanity become indifferent? Something must have gone wrong somewhere. It has to be understood because this is not an ordinary matter.

Religion is such a significant phenomenon that man cannot live without it. And to live without religion will be living without any purpose. To live without religion will be living without any poetry. To live without religion will be living a drag of a life, a boredom - what Sartre is saying when he says that man is a useless passion. Without religion he becomes so. Man is not a useless passion, but without religion he certainly becomes so. If there is nothing higher than you then all purpose disappears. If there is nothing higher to reach, higher to be, then your life cannot have any goal, cannot have any meaning. The higher is needed to attract you, to pull you upwards. The higher is needed so that you don’t get stuck in the lower.

Without religion life will be like a tree which never comes to flower, a fruitlessness. Yes, without religion man is a useless passion, but with religion man becomes the very flowering of life, as if God is fulfilled in him. So it has to be understood why religion has become such a dirty word.

There are people who are positively against religion. There are people who may not be positively against but who are positively indifferent towards religion. There are people who may not be indifferent to religion but who are only hypocrites who go on pretending that they interested. And these three categories are all the categories there are. A genuine religious person has disappeared. What has happened?

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