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Chapter 16: The Only Miracle

There are certain seasonal seeds which start sprouting as soon as they are sown. The plant may mature in two weeks, the flowers may bloom in four weeks, and then maybe in eight weeks its life is over. All flowers of materialism are seasonal flowers. But religion is not a seasonal flower; it takes thousands of years for the seed of religion to sprout. Hundreds of buddhas are born and gone before the seed of religion sprouts; it is not a one-day affair that you can accomplish today. A very, very long experiment is able to transform consciousness just a little bit. So if the East has a little potential of religion at all, the hands of Mahavira, Buddha, Krishna and Rama have contributed to it.

There is another point, which is that science can be given birth by even ordinary people; it requires no special soul for this, just technical know-how is needed. And for this, even a soul is not needed, a computer will do it! No Einstein is necessary for the discoveries of the future. Just feed the computer with the appropriate information and it will discover all your new principles for you. Einstein is redundant! All the experimenting, all the inventing, can be done by computers, machines. Actually, even now this is the case; your brain that discovers science is purely a mechanical part of your body - a bio-computer.

But religion is your consciousness. Until there is a purity like that of Buddha, until there is an innocence like that of Mahavira, until there is a dancing heart rooted in self-realization like that of Krishna, you do not even get a glimpse of it.

Scientific discoveries are made even walking on the plains, but for religion you have to touch the peaks of Everest; only then you attain it.

It takes thousands of years before the seed of religion goes deep enough and sprouts. And the experiment that was carried out in India was such that it not only sprouted, it flowered too. And you, the people of India, are ready to lose that immense treasure of flowers. And you will lose it, because you don’t see anything in it; you have turned your back on it. You no longer see any meaning in it.

And the West will have to start from abc. If it starts on the journey of religion, the West will have to start from the point where we started some five thousand years ago, at the time of the Vedas. And for the West to come to the point we reached it will take another five thousand years. But in the meantime, the survival of man will become impossible.

This is why I say that there is a great responsibility in India’s hands, which is that what we have discovered - the clues, the laws, the methods of entering human consciousness that we have developed - even if you want to abandon it, to hand it over to someone before doing so. That is the least you must do. But remember, you can only hand over that which has happened within you. We can present the Gita to the West, but it will soon be rubbish, because the song itself is not in the Gita. There are words in the Gita, but these have already been translated into most of the Western languages. That is not going to solve anything. But how can we give that which was in Krishna? The Gita is only the shadow of that, just an echo; how can we hand over that which had happened within Krishna? That can only be transmitted if Krishna goes on happening within us.

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