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Chapter 1: A Hand Beckoning

But what revolution is there? Three fingers or two - trivia. Your revolutionaries are always like that. The orthodox people are foolish and the revolutionaries are not very intelligent either. They go on doing the same thing on opposite poles. But those poles are of the same energy, the same kind of mind.

Religion is not revolutionary, it is not orthodox; it is rebellion. These new dimensions are nowhere on the right or on the left, these new dimensions are up. Up is an entirely new framework whose very premises and goals transcend the conventional right and left. Left or right, they are all conservative, they are all down. Rebellion is an up dimension; it is neither right nor left. It is a totally new kind of energy, moving upwards; it has a different vision of life.

Kabir believes in the up dimension. What is up? The past is down, the old is down, the familiar is down; the unfamiliar, the unknown, the mysterious, is up. Be up, never belong to the dimension of the down. That’s where people are. Christians and Hindus and Mohammedans and Jainas and Buddhists, they go on living just like crawling on the earth; they don’t fly. Religion gives you wings to go into the infinite.

Listening to the sutras of Kabir, remember it. He will be very very shocking, he will shatter your mind. Out of his compassion he will destroy, he will create a kind of emptiness in you, because only in that emptiness God is, God as godliness. Only in that emptiness is meditation, and only in that emptiness you start seeing for the first time.

Nicholas of Cusa has pointed out that the word for God, deus, comes from theoro. Theoro is a beautiful word from which “theory” comes. Theory has become very ugly, but theoro is beautiful: it simply means “I see.”

Religion gives you eyes, it is simply a clarity. Remember, clarity does not give you explanations, but it makes you able to live, it makes you able to love. Clarity does not give you meanings, but gives you significance. Again, they are different things. A meaning is a mind thing, a significance is a life experience; it is existential.

I have heard that Albert Einstein used to say, “Religion without science is blind, and science without religion is lame.” With a little change, I would like to agree - but that little change has much to say. Einstein says, “Religion without science is blind.” That is not right. Rather, religion without science is lame, and science without religion is blind, because religion gives eyes. It gives insight into reality, it gives insight within and without. Yes it is true, without science religion is lame, it cannot walk.

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