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Chapter 4: Education and Religion

The organizations created in the name of religion have neither any relationship with God nor with love or prayer or religion. It is only your hatred and jealousy that are organized; otherwise, how is it possible that mosques are broken, temples are burned, idols are destroyed and people are killed? But this is happening and has been happening for a long time. If this is religion, my question is: What is irreligion then? Fanaticism is not religion. It is only the hidden form of irreligion.

So the first condition for education in religion is freedom of religion from all sects.

But the so-called religious people are giving nothing but sectarian poison to children in the name of religion. Why do they want to do it? Are they really interested in religion? No, they are interested in “their” religion. Such interest itself is irreligious. Whenever religion becomes yours or mine, it ceases to be a religion. Wherever there is no mine or thine, there is the beginning that leads to the divine.

In the interest shown by the so-called religious people for religious education, there are selfish motives which have deep and ancient roots on which many types of exploitations depend. If the new generations escape from the prisons in which they are kept, a fundamental revolution is possible in the life of a society. Such a revolution will have multiple results in that all types of vested interests will be hurt, and those who are living by making man fight against man will lose their livelihood. All those who have made religious intrigues their profession will also become unemployed. Then it will not be possible to protect class exploitation and class interests, to exploit by dividing because so far only the so-called religions have devised such protection in many forms.

In the name of religious education the old generation wants to pass on to the new generations their ignorance, blind faith, fanaticism, diseases and enmities. Their ego is satisfied in that way. This ego does not allow man to be free from unhealthy thought patterns. There is no bigger obstacle than this on the way to development. Development is possible only where there is rebellion.

The old generation’s ego cannot accept any rebellion because it craves faithfulness, obedience and discipline. It educates the new generations for that. It wants to kill all that potential of the new generation which can inspire it to reject the old and set out to discover the new. But this foeticide is perpetrated in a very indirect way. Perhaps, these people themselves are not aware fully of what is happening; it is an unconscious process. Their forefathers and teachers also had done the same thing to them. Unknowingly, they continue to do the same thing to their children and pupils.

This vicious circle is ancient, but it has to be broken because it is not allowing life to unite with the truth of religion. Where is the center of this vicious circle? The central concept is: before the small children begin to think, seeds of belief have to be sown in them, because the mind full of belief is incapable of thinking.

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