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Chapter 8: Fictitious Father, Crackpot Son

If you have lived totally, death is not the end. Death is only an episode, a small episode in an eternal life. You have died many times, but because you have never lived totally, you became unconscious at the moment of death; the fear brought you into a coma.

That’s why you don’t remember your past lives, because the coma stands as a barrier for the past lives and their remembrance. And because you don’t know your past lives, you cannot understand that there is going to be life after death, that life is eternal. Birth and death are mere episodes; thousands of times you have been into birth, into death. But when you are not allowed to live totally, when everywhere there is interference from religion.

One small boy in the school - of course a Christian boy - was asked by the teacher the first day he entered the school, “What is your name?”

He said, “Don’t.”

The teacher said, “Strange, I have never heard such a name.”

He said, “Everything, whatever I do, I only hear this: ‘Don’t’ - so I think it is my name.”

But the whole of Christianity is doing that to everybody. It is a life-negative religion, it does not allow you to live joyously. And the family is the root, because obviously the programming starts from the family. Christianity says that it is founded on family.

And I know perfectly well that unless family disappears from the world these religions, these nations, these wars will not disappear, because they are all based on family. The family teaches you that you are a Hindu, and the Hindu religion is the best religion of all; other religions are so-so.

Christianity continues the programming of children: “You can be saved only through Jesus Christ. Nobody else can save you. All other religions are just moralities, very superficial, they are not going to help you.”

And when a child, alongside his breast feeding, is continuously fed with all kinds of superstitions - God, and the Holy Ghost, and the only begotten son of God, Jesus, heaven and hell.

Children are very vulnerable, because they are born as a tabula rasa - nothing is written on them, their minds are pure. You can write anything you want on the child, and every family commits the crime: they destroy the individual and create a slave. Obedience is virtue, disobedience is the original sin.

When a child starts being programmed from the very birth, when he is very vulnerable and very soft, you can write anything. It will go on in his unconscious. You can tell him that “Our nation is the greatest nation in the world”; every nation is telling that. “Our religion is the greatest religion, our scripture is written by God himself” - Hindus are saying that, Christians are saying that, Jews are saying that. Everybody is doing the same crime.

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