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Chapter 28: Be a Joke unto Yourself

Organized religion tried to kill science - they could not, because truth cannot be killed. Slowly, slowly science has possessed the whole territory of the objective world. Then the natural tendency of the mind.science started claiming that which could not be claimed by it. Science created the same fallacy as organized religion, which was saying, “About the objective world also, we are right.” They were not. They are right about the subjective world; about the interiormost being of existence they are right. But they are not right about the circumference of it - that is not their dimension. But they were claiming that they are right about both.

The same started happening with physicists, chemists and other scientists. In the beginning of this century, science became very arrogant - the same type of arrogance, just the authority shifted from the priests to the scientists. The scientists started saying, “There is no God and there is no soul and there is no consciousness, and all that is rubbish.”

This type of arrogance has always remained with man. We have not yet learned anything. This is the same game again being played. When science became very arrogant, naturally religion became defensive. It was losing, it became defensive. So anything that is discovered by science religion tries to appropriate. It tries somehow to make it fit with itself, because the only possibility for it to survive now is if it proves itself to be scientific.

In the beginning it was just the opposite. If a scientist was to survive, the only way was to prove that whatsoever he has found is according to the scriptures, that it proves the scriptures; it is not against.

Now the whole thing is just vice versa. Now if religion wants to exist in the world, it has continuously to look up to science. Whatsoever science discovers, religion immediately jumps upon and tries to prove, “This is what we have been saying all along.”

This big bang theory theory has nothing to do with the religious attitude and the religious theory of creation. In the big bang theory there is no God, it is an accident; it is not creation, remember, because there is no creator in it.

But religion is very defensive, continuously searching for anything to cling to. The big bang theory says that in a sudden explosion, in a great flash of light, the world was created. Jump on it; you can always find some way, some logical way. You can say, “Yes, this is right, this is what we have been saying all along. God in the beginning said, ‘Let there be light’ - and now the theory says there was a great explosion, the world was suddenly created.”

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