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Chapter 13: Truth Is Found in Your Own Boutique

Why should religion and state remain separate?

Religion as such does not exist yet; hence, whatever is known as religion should remain separate from the state for the simple reason that it is not religion - it is pseudo, fake.

You cannot ask the same question in reference to science. Can you ask that science and state should remain separate? Nobody even thinks about science’s separation for the simple reason that science exists, has come of age, has contributed immensely to human growth, welfare, health, longevity.

In every possible way science has been a blessing.

Hence, nobody will think of science remaining separate from the state.

Religion has not been a blessing yet.

It has been a curse.

But remember, it is not religion.

It is pseudo-religion.

Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Judaism, Mohammedanism - these are all cults. These are all exploiting humanity in the name of religion. They are not religions at all. They are superstitions.

Of course superstitions should remain separate from the state. What kind of superstition it is does not matter: Hindu, Christian, Jewish. Superstition of all shapes and sizes should be kept as far away from the state as possible because the state is power, and if superstitions become joined with power they can do immense harm. They are doing immense harm even without the state. They have managed to create power of their own, they have their own generators. That’s what is meant by “organized religion”.

A religious person has no power.

He is humble. Not that he has practiced humbleness, he simple enjoys being humble. He has simply understood the stupidity and suffering of the ego, and by that sheer understanding, all that nonsense has disappeared. Suddenly he finds himself humble, egoless; he is harmless.

But organized religion is nothing but politics in the name of religion. And the people who organize it are not religious, cannot be. The popes, the shankaracharyas, the imams, the rabbis - these people are not religious at all for the simple reason that they are full of knowledgeability, while a religious man knows he knows nothing. He knows that existence is so mysterious, there is no way to reduce it into knowledge. He is mystified by existence.

A truly religious person is a mystic.

He is a poet - not writing poetry, but living poetry.

He is a painter - not painting on the canvas but painting on his own consciousness continuously.

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