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Chapter 13: Truth Is Found in Your Own Boutique

Nobody would have ever condemned them for crucifying Jesus because they would have been the popes, they would have been the representatives of Jesus. And they could have managed to interpolate all his teachings with Judaism. There was no difficulty; Jesus was a Jew, he was speaking in the Jewish language, he was speaking within the Jewish religion. The interpolation would not have been very difficult.

It was very difficult with Buddha. It was difficult with Mahavira because Mahavira was speaking a totally different language. But the brahmins were clever enough to change the whole climate around Mahavira, around Buddha; they created bogus pseudo-religions - but organized. And they have been exploiting since then.

Organized religion is one of the ugliest things that has happened in history. And the state should remain separate from organized religion, because organized religion is nothing but all kinds of superstitions - beliefs - beliefs without any evidence, doctrines, creeds, which go against every scientific discovery and invention. The state should not support any pseudo-religion, any organized religion. That is supporting charlatans, cheats, deceivers, exploiters, parasites.

Let me summarize what I am saying. I am saying: religions should not be mixed with the state because there is no religion yet. And whatever exists in the name of religion is not religion. That brings me to a totally different understanding.

Religion is in the process of birth.

Just as it took three hundred years for science to come of age, if humanity survives, then religion will also come of age. That day it will be sheer stupidity to say that state and religion should remain separate, because it will mean that all which is valuable in life and all that is great in existence should remain separate from the state - that the state should not be benefited by the enlightened ones, that the state should continue to exist in its dark world of politics, dirty in every possible way, that it should never see the light.

Yes, today I agree that the state should remain separate from religions. Remember, I am saying it should remain separate from religions - I am using the word in the plural.

But when religion comes of age - religion in the singular, just as science is singular - then it will be simply stupid to keep state and religion separate.

Then you have to translate religion into what it actually is: then it is love, then it is understanding, then it is silence, peace. Then it is wisdom, meditativeness; then it is intelligence, pure intelligence.

All these qualities, values, enrich life; they will enrich the state. By the sheer presence of an authentic religion the politicians will start dropping their dirty ways, their cunning policies. They will start feeling ashamed. Religion will function like a mirror, and politicians seeing their own faces - which they have never seen, because to see your face your need a mirror..

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